About Dali's Dream

MONLI International LLC in collaboration with the Onomatopoeia Theatre Company LLC proudly present 


“Dali’s Dream” 

An original play-phantasmagoria by Lisa Monde 

Inspired by “Diary of a Genius” by Salvador Dali


Doctor Sigmund Freud was an idol in the eyes of Salvador Dali. Dali ardently wanted to meet Freud, assuming that the famous doctor would help him understand himself, identify the origins of his genius and give a scientific explanation to the mysterious dreams and visions which Dali transferred onto canvas, creating his surrealistic masterpieces.  

Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams” – was Dali’s most favorite handbook… 

And once, Dali finds himself in a sanitarium, where Doctor Freud holds his famous sessions. There, Dali is not only given an opportunity to attend the sessions with patients, suffering from various psychiatric disorders, but also to discuss his dreams, creative work and fears with the famous psychoanalyst. 

Against his will, Dali becomes a “test subject” himself and during the private session, Freud ruthlessly digs into Dali’s unconscious. Thus, Salvador Dali’s carefully created image of a genius-paranoiac falls apart… 

Freud uncovers the root causes of Dali’s narcissism, hysteroid behavior and obsessive ideas of his own grandeur.

 Freud’s assistant – Adolf Assange – gladly helps Freud to immerse the “arrogant Spaniard” into a theatrical performance, where the patients and the medical staff are the actors. 

The renowned visitor – Salvador Dali – becomes involved in the show, during which he is born, becomes a genius, dies as a poor lunatic and is resurrected as the great surrealist.  



Dyllan Vallier - as Salvador Dali

John Higgins* - as Sigmund Freud

Lisa Monde – as Adolf/Adolfina Assange 

Mac Stevenson – as Pierre/Eva, Euterpe 

Seth Andrew Miller – as Frank 

Ryan Wasserman – as Stein 

Sondrine Bontemps – as Yin 

Habin Kwak – as Yang 

Leslie Renee - as Coco Chanel 


*Appearing curtesy of Actors Equity Association



Directed by Lisa Monde and Thomas R Gordon

Featuring original music by Lisa Monde 

Set design by Steven Kendall 

Costume design by Michael Gutierrez

Lighting design by Thomas R Gordon 

Make-up design by Margie Bresciani 

Musical arrangements by Juan Carlos Rivera, Eugene Drayer

Original poster design by Alexey Loginov

Press representative - Andrea Alton and Alton PR

Monli International Company LLC & The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company

This production is produced by 

MONLI International LLC

in collaboration with 

The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company