Roald Dahls James and the Giant Peach Cast

Kinslee Metzler (James)
Kinslee’s first play was Pinocchio at the Little Red Hen theatre. She does spring and winter concerts at school. Her and her cousin also performed in Young Americans in Tekemah, where she had a featured solo. Kinslee participated in DRAMACAMP at the Little Red Hen last summer, where she got to play theatre games and worked with other campers to create and perform an improvised piece of theatre.
Katelyn Pommer (Ladahlord)
Katelyn has been involved with theatre since she was a child. Her favorite roles include playing Bob/Mrs. Crachit from Christmas Chaos and Jane in TARZAN. She has also enjoyed directing and assistant directing productions at the Little Red Hen theatre.
Elizabeth Carlson (Spiker)
Plays Elizabeth have been involved with at the Little Red Hen theatre include A Rented Christmas; Boeing, Boeing; Our Town; Mother Truckers; Opal's Million Dollar Duck; Leading Ladies; Dad's Christmas Miracle; The Odyssey; Tarzan; It's a Wonderful Life Radio Play; and Nana's Naughty Knickers. Two of her favorite roles were Maxine in Mother Truckers, and Vera in Nana's Naughty Knickers.
Ryan Conyers (Sponge)
Ryan is a familiar face at the Little Red Hen, but he is always full of surprises! All told, Ryan has been in about 13 productions at the theatre. Sponge tops his list of favorite roles, along with his performance as Kerchek in TARZAN last summer and Sven Yorgensen in “A Don’t Hug Me Christmas Carol”.
Brian Johnson (Grasshopper)
Brian performed in The Odd Couple, Monkey Business II, UG the Caveman Musical, Sister Amnesia’s Nunsense Jamboree, Our Town, Nunsense AMEN, and Nana’s Naughty Knickers. I enjoyed all the roles, but most especially the musicals.
Jackson Pommer (Earthworm)
Jackson has been in a few different shows over the last few years. One of his favorite roles was when he got to be Tater in “Dad’s Christmas Miracle.” He's also been “The Odyssey,” “Nana’s Naughty Knickers,” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He also worked tech for “Tarzan”
Mike Pommer (Centipede)
Mike’s favorite roles at the Little Red Hen have been Tom from Tom, Dick and Harry, Brother Clarence in Monkey Business, and Kanute in Don’t Hug Me Christmas.
Charity Potter (Spider)
Charity is the pastor at the Wakefield Presbyterian church as well as John Huss Presbyterian church in Thurston. When she's not pastoring - she works part time at Pac n Save in Wayne. She and her husband live in the country where Charity does a lot of gardening! Her favorite role in life is "Grandma" to 9 amazing kids. She's been in several productions at LRHT including The Odyssey, Nunsense, Christmas Chaos and Boeing, Boeing. Her favorite was Boeing, Boeing because it was hilarious!
Dawn Reimers (Ladybug)
Dawn is currently a homemaker for her husband and two children. She has been a regular participant and volunteer at LRHT for 8 years now. All parts of the theater appeal to her as she has helped backstage as part of the creative crews as well as playing several roles in plays. Some of her acting performances have been for Almost Maine, Dad's Christmas Miracle, The Odyssey, and Tarzan. One of her favorite roles has been Calypso in The Odyssey where she could show off a more conniving character. However, Ladybug just might take the SPOT of most fun role to perform.
Olivia Dekok (Featured Ensemble Player)
Some of Olivia’s favorite musicals she has appeared in include Beauty & the Beast, Space Pirates, Mary Poppins, High School Musical and Peter Pan. Olivia believes that the best part about being in a musical is getting to meet new people – and playing lots of different roles. This is Olivia’s Little Red Hen theatre debut!
Meg Engel (Featured Ensemble Player)
Meg teaches K-6 general music at Lyons-Decatur Northeast and acting at LRHT is my side gig! I have officially been with performing at the Little Red Hen theatre for the past year and have no plans to leave! It’s hard to pick a favorite role, but I am going to go with playing Kala in TARZAN, because it got me back into theatre!
Nate Johnson (Featured Ensemble Player)
Nate’s theater experience began with Missoula Children’s Theater. He was a dwarf in Snow White in 2018 and was also Pinocchio a few years before that. He enjoyed playing the smart dwarf and being second in command of the dwarf gang. Last summer, and this summer, he has greatly enjoyed learning more about the theatre during the theatre's DRAMACAMP. He is excited to be a part of the show!
Jordan Metzler (Featured Ensemble Player)
Jordan was last seen in the Little Red Hen productions of “O Pioneers” and Dad’s Christmas Miracle, as well as some of the Missoula Children’s Theatre productions. She loves being active and playing sports, especially basketball. During the summer she plays on a travel basketball team out of Sioux City. Jordan also enjoys babysitting and dog sitting!
Victoria Nelson (Featured Ensemble Player)
This is Victoria’s fifth performance at the Little Red Hen. She previously was in Nana’s Naughty Knickers and last summer’s TARZAN. As part of the Ensemble she gets to play several parts in James and the Giant Peach. When she’s not helping out at the theatre, she’s the One-Act Coach/Sponsor at Emerson-Hubbard High School.
Ashlynn Riewer (Featured Ensemble Player)
Ashlyn is going into 7th grade this fall. She is a basketball, softball, and volleyball player. She loves to be creative and different. Her favorite role that she is ever done at LRHT is her ensemble role in James and the Giant Peach, but her favorite play that LRHT has done is TARZAN.
Lexie Weaver (Featured Ensemble Player)
Alexia played a couple roles in small things like school concerts and church plays, but has never done anything at the Little Red Hen Theatre until now. We’re glad that Alexia chose James & The Giant Peach for her stage debut! As an ensemble member she played lots of different roles, but her favorite was playing a “vagrant”. Her favorite role she got to do elsewhere was portraying the “principal”.
Lydia Engel (aka BUG) (Players Ensemble Member)
This is my Lydia's first ever play! Her mom is doing the show and asked her if she wanted to be a part of it with her. She is having a lot of fun being different critters!
Madelyne Herting (Players Ensemble Member)
Madelyne is 8 years old and going into third grade at Wakefield Elementary. Her previous roles include a munchkin in Wizard of Oz, a bat in Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Missoula Children’s Theatre), and a baby ape in TARZAN. Her favorite role was being a man-eating flower in TARZAN.
Elan Jepsen (Players Ensemble Member)
Elan was in TARZAN as a young ape the last time he graced our stage. His favorite part of being in a play is the fun he gets to have being around his friends. Elan loves attending drama camps at LRHT!
Ella Reimers (Players Ensemble Member)
This is Ella's first time being on stage at LRHT. She is an energetic and creative 6-year-old who loves to play make-believe and dress-up and sing all day long. She is the daughter of Mark & Dawn Reimers and younger sister to Jeremiah. This may be her first theatre performance, but she has had so much fun you can bet that she will be back again for future productions.
Mackenzie Rewinkel (Players Ensemble Member)
Kenzie last appeared on our stage as a young ape in our production of TARZAN. We’re thrilled that she’s back to be part of the magic this summer in James & The Giant Peach.
Quinn Riewer (Players Ensemble Member)
Quinn is going into the fourth grade this fall. She loves chicken nuggest, to play outside and in the pool, and she also wants a dog – but her mom won’t let her. This is Quinn’s stage debut at the Little Red Hen theatre and we are thrilled to have her on our stage!
Helena Wiltman (Players Ensemble Member)
Helena was in The Wizard of Oz at the Little Ren Hen Theater a few years ago and attended drama camp through the theater this year. Her favorite thing about being in The Wizard of Oz was being on stage and performing!