The Hobbit Cast

Mr. Eric Heil (Storyteller)
Eric Heil is originally from the Napa Valley in northern California. He has worked at the Bronx zoo, the DC zoo, and the delightful zoo that is the Heights Valley, where he has taught since 2005. Eric leads sessions of the Rock Climbing Club, the Cavalier Skate Club, the Cavalry MTB Club, and the Master Builders Club (LEGO). He also coaches the Climbing team and co-leads the Mountaineers Club.
Luke Nowak (Gandalf)
Luke appreciates art, drama, acting and aims to participate in each of these subjects regularly. This will be his fourth production at the Heights.
Patrick Dunn (Gandalf)
Patrick has been in a half dozen productions since 3rd grade. When not creating drama on and off stage, Patrick is usually playing or watching baseball, skiiing, or hiking.
Peter Ortman (Bilbo Baggins)
Peter lives in Maryland and has performed in Humpty Dumpty and in The Little Drummer Boy. He likes being in plays, nerf guns, trampolines, parties, and cake.
Thomas Hull (Bilbo Baggins)
Thomas Hull was one of three students selected from his class to participate in The Bard, competition. He is one of four new Fourth Graders admitted to The Heights this year, two of whom are in his homeroom. He loves The Hobbit and Bilbo is his favorite character.
Charles Jackson (Balin)
Charles is an eighth grader who enjoys fishing, biking and drumming. He lives with his family in Herndon, Virginia along with his two Bernese Mountain dogs.
Saf Moss (Dwalin)
Saf is a veteran of Heights shows. He loves playing lacrosse and soccer, as well as fishing and watching the Cincinnati Bengals.
Louie Liess (Oin)
This is Louie's first show at The Heights. He enjoys giving people nickneames and has yet to receive some happy meals he was promised by stage management.
Justin Liess (Gloin)
Justin is a nice guy. He does cross country and enjoys video games. He has three dogs and three chickens. His social security number is not for you to know.
George Jackson (Bifur)
George Jackson is a sixth grader. He plays lacrosse wrestles. George also enjoys fine art and design.
Nick Connolly (Bofur)
Nick is acting in his 3rd Heights Production. When he isn’t on stage, he can be found in watching 1930’s classic horror movies, memorizing baseball stats and reading Shakespeare. Nick is also on the middle school cross team and is a bedroom mini golf champion. He enjoys watching paint dry.
Johnny Ortman (Bombur)
John is is 7th grade and extremely overweight, as you can see by his costume. His favorite class is History with Mr. Vorozhko. Gory movies are the best.
Thomas Matich (Dori)
Thomas is making his debut performance with the Omnibus Players. He is much wiser than the stage managers and is a fan of Tolkien, who is wiser than he.
Justin Diederich (Ori)
This is Justin's debut performance. In preparation for this role, he read The Hobbit entirely, and thoroughly enjoyed it. He likes watching baseball and playing outside.
Sean Carney (Nori)
Sean's favorite hobbies are swimming and climbing, and his favorite sport is baseball. He has written three books, and may be willing to sign autographs.
Fili (Julian Monroy)
Julian is glad to be in the show in the role of one of Tolkien's dwarves. He thinks it is a tough role but he is ready for anything. His favorite subject is Natural History.
Ben Kilner (Kili)
Ben is in the 6th grade. He had his theatrical debut in the Last Supper play. He is an avid soccer player and outdoorsman. He looks forward to many future drama endeavors.
Jack Ferry (Thorin)
Jack is in 7th grade. He has 4 siblings, 2 cats and 3 different nicknames. In his off time, he is either beating his friends in RISK, playing airsoft, or chasing his next win in the Bard. This is his third Heights production.
Gavin Ros (Bert the Troll, Captain)
This is Gavin's second show. In addition to drama, he enjoys learning about history, languages, and contributing to the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Heights Herald.
Gregory Hanssen (Tom the Troll, Goblin King, Goblin)
This is Gregory's first show with the Omnibus Players. He enjoys rock climbing, airsoft, hunting, and other sorts of general mountain-man activities.
Calvin Dillon (Bill the Troll, Goblin)
Calvin is a 7th grader and this is his first play at The Heights. He enjoys board games, games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer, and chess. He is very excited to be on stage and really enjoys rehearsals with his friends in the play.
James Miggins (Gollum)
This is James' 3rd production with the Omnibus Players. He enjoys rugby, writing and reading. He currently presides with great dignity over the brand new book club "Hidden Treasures", which has united with the resolve to read everything that has never been checked out of the Heights library.
Daniel Rueda-Ramirez (Gollum)
Daniel is rocking his senior year. He is thrilled to play Gollum in his ninth production. His most precious roles include “Juror 5” in Twelve Angry Men, “Measure” in Magnificence, and “Hubbard” in Graham. While not prone to the mysterious illness known as senioritis, he will often bike, read, and rock on his piano.
Mason Robinson (Drok, Goblin)
This is Mason's theatrical debut. His interest in theatre was piqued after seeing a summer camp revue. He is an avid reader and devoted fan of Tolkien. He enjoys strategy board games, the Far Side, and the unquestioned genius of Weird Al Yankovic.
Teddy Iandoli (Doof, Goblin)
Teddy is in his 5th show as part of the Omnibus Players. He can usually be found talking too loudly in the library, much to the annoyance of Mr. Nelson. When not cramming to study definitions for Dr. Kaiser, he enjoys spending time with his friends.
Santiago Bonetti (Goblin)
Santi is currently in sixth grade and participated in other plays when he was in lower school. He is part of the Heights middle school cross-country team and plays trumpet in the school's symphonic band. Santi is the oldest of seven children and loves spending time with his bearded dragon.
Dylan Cathcart (Bard)
This is Dylan's fourth show with the Omnibus Players. His previous roles have been “King Louis XVIII” in Meprises, “Cassius” in Mikey’s Dragon, and “Courtly Abuse” in Magnificence. He likes reading, playing sports, and playing his guitar.
Declan Wallace (Maxwell)
This is Declan's first show for the Omnibus Players. He enjoys reading books, playing board games, and watching Star Wars. His favorite one is Revenge Of The Sith.
Alumnus Stas Yaceczko (Smaug)
Stas roars in from afar this year, hailing from Atchison, Kansas. His previous experience includes 7 shows at The Heights and one in production in Kansas. In his free time, he enjoys playing football, drop-kicking children, and saving the world from disaster.
Matt Brennan (Man of Laketown)
Matt is a young man and an old boy who likes to contemplate being in this play, Mikey's Dragon, and Meprises. He wants everyone to know that Star Wars is true, and that violins make the music found in black holes.
Thomas Royals (Man of Laketown)
Thomas Joseph Cyril Royals Junior or just Tommy Royals is a freshman. This is his third production with the Heights Omnibus players. While not attending to his school duties, you can find him reading, writing , learning alphabets, or trying to restore the glory of diphthongs.
Charlie Carney (Man of Laketown)
Charlie enjoys baseball, wrestling, and football. Very few things can wipe that joyful metallic smile off his face, save for excuses and broccoli. His role model is Shaun the Sheep, after whom he models his hair.