About A Gentlemans Guide to Love and Murder

A distant heir speeds up succession by using a great deal of charm... and a dash of murder.

On the night of his mother’s funeral, middle-class Englishman Monty Navarro learns an incredible secret: he is the “son, of the daughter, of the grandson, of nephew, of the second Earl of Highhurst.” In other words, Monty Navarro is an aristocrat -- if he can only find a way to prevent the eight earls preceding him from inheriting the earldom first. Buoyed along by love for two women, the stunning and self-centered Sibella and the pious and witty Phoebe, Monty embarks on his mission. He takes on the D’Ysquith family - one actor playing all the ill-fated members, from the flamboyant country squire to the terrible actress to the aging war hero. Witty, and ceaselessly entertaining,


A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, features Edwardian style, classic farce, and stunning operatic singing.  With non-stop laughs, a unique and soaring score, unforgettable characters, and a 2014 Tony Award for Best Musical, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder has become an instant classic.

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