About Miracle on 34th Street

Come join us in our radio studio and listen to our sponsored production of Miracle on 34th Street.  

This heartwarming seasonal favorite begins at Macy's department store where the marketing director needs to hire a Santa for the big parade.  The first Santa hired winds up on a binge, so an emergency hire must be found.  So Kris Kringle applies and is immediately hired. The woman who hires him, however, doesn't believe in Santa, and neither does her adorable daughter.  In the meantime, however, he lands himself in hot water with the store's psychologist who is absolutely sure Kris is a fraud, and Kris' sanity is on the line.  Is he the real Santa, or a fake?  Apparently the court must decide, and so must the lady who hires him.  Even though Kris has a way with people, turning hearts… and minds… is no small feat.  Can love and kindness overcome skeptics and naysayers, and can the clever lawyer who volunteered to represent Kris in court do the job?  And is there an answer to the original question… is he, or is he not, Santa?

The Cannon Theatre

The Cannon Theatre was founded by Shawn Cannon and Bret Bahe, who shared a dream of creating a community theater – a place for learning, and great plays, a place where people could enjoy the company of others, laugh, and just lose themselves in the joy of artistic expression. This intimate performance space was conceived of, designed, and built from scratch after they discovered and saw the great potential of a unique open space in the old mill building in Littleton. Over the years, the theater incorporated, and then became a non-profit organization, managed so that every precious cent made from each production is carefully fed right back into the creation of the next.

After 10 wonderful years at the Littleton location, The Cannon Theatre had to shut down during the pandemic and search for a new space. We wanted a slightly larger space to seat more patrons but not lose that intimate feel that is part of our DNA, safe and accessible parking, and to not move too far from where we had our beginnings. After two years of very creative online productions, and running around looking at building after building, we finally found it, and we hope you enjoy our beautiful new theater in Devens, MA!

The Cannon Theatre board, which still includes the theater’s very active and passionate founders, invites you to join us and experience this welcoming community, whether as an audience member, an actor, backstage crew, or even director. We guarantee you will leave feeling satisfied!