About Boeing Boeing

Boeing Boeing follows the antics and escapades of Bernard Lawrence, an American architect living in Paris. As long as flight schedules remain the same, he is safe juggling three fiancĂ©es who are airline stewardesses; each is from a different airline and doesn't know about the other two! Life is grand until the new Boeing jet arrives and shortens flight times. Now the fun begins as Bernard and his maid juggle the ladies and their schedules. In addition, a friend discovers Bernard's deceit and decides to get in on the action.  Life for Bernard is suddenly very complicated. Come see how the plot unfolds! 

The Cannon Theatre

Welcome to our new theater!  From humble beginnings in Littleton 12 years ago, we have grown and now have a new and improved theater in Devens - more and better seating, better tech, better accessibility for all.

The mission of The Cannon Theatre is to serve the community by offering a wide range of theatrical experiences and productions that benefit and entertain.  We welcome audiences and artists of all ages to learn and grow in a fun, collaborative environment.