About The Actual Dance with Sam Simon

The Actual Dance is one of the most beautiful love stories ever told about finding dignity and inspiration in one of the most difficult tasks in life: being with a love partner as they struggle with a life-threatening illness. It is the journey through uncharted waters, where resilience and the power of the human heart persevere. The emotional performance moves audiences to laugh, cry and then cheer. The award-winning play, written by Samuel A. Simon, has transformed lives worldwide for seven years.

When Sam first notices Susan at the age of sixteen, he could not predict the profound connection they would share. They are two halves of the same whole. The tangible essence of who they are is love entwined. In the 33rd year of their marriage, that love was tested when Susan is diagnosed with breast cancer. A ringing in Sam’s ear was not as one would expect. In fact, it was an orchestra, playing the music of his life, the actual dance.

The Actual Dance was written in 2012 and was publicly performed starting in 2013. There have since been more than 200 performances and there are now two versions of the show. The original as performed by playwright Samuel A Simon and an adaptation as performed by Chuk Obasi. 

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