About Spookiest House on the Block

The R-Rated Halloween comedy hit of 2022 is back! This time with a bigger cast, more dead bodies, harder laughs and an updated script. Come laugh into the Halloween season with this hilarious R-rated comedy!

Small town neighbors show off their Halloween spirit as they all compete for the annual "Spookiest House on the Block" award. Competition gets fierce as people start being possessed inside Mrs. O'Hagg's creepy house and her "decorations" look earlier like her neighbors

Come see the funniest Halloween show of the year for the cheapest live theatre prices around!

Audience discretion: the show features some strobing lighting effects,  graphic imagery of simulated gore on life-like mannequins and use of fog machines.

That Theatre Company

That Theatre Company (TTC) is a professional, non-profit theatre group, based in Rochester, Minnesota. TTC primarily is focused on producing original and newer works.