About Romeo & Juliet

Brawls are breaking out in the streets of Verona. The feud between the Capulets and Montagues is at a boiling point, and the Prince himself has stepped in to keep the peace. So when Romeo (a Montague) and Juliet (a Capulet) suddenly fall in love, the world is against them from the start.

The famously star-crossed lovers struggle against domineering parents, the laws of church and state, and even their own affections in Shakespeare’s breathless tale of a love that transformed the city of Verona.

Stage Door Productions, Inc.

Stage Door Productions, Inc. has provided theatre opportunities in the Fredericksburg, Virginia community since 1999. Through main stage shows, youth productions, camps, and other educational programming, Stage Door has touched countless individuals in the area who seek the unique experience that is live theatre. Our Stage Door family includes theatre professionals, late-blooming novices, talented amateurs, aspiring youth, enthusiastic supporters, and appreciative audiences.

Our season includes a new production every month, including main stage plays, musicals, local author spotlights, festival events, youth performances, improv, karaoke, and other theatrical activities. We provide performing arts camps for youth and workshops for all ages. Our program also includes Stage Door Stars, a theatre enrichment experience for our special needs' community. As a thriving arts organization, our goal is to continue to grow and develop in new ways, seeking to increase theatre opportunities for all facets of our community. Stage Door operates using an all-volunteer team managed by a Board of Directors. Come join us!

The Mission

Stage Door Productions, Inc. entertains and inspires audiences, provides an outlet for artistic expression and creative passion, educates and enriches area youth, serves children with special needs, and preserves locally the art of live theatre through performances, programming, education, and outreach in our community. 

The Vision

Stage Door Productions, Inc. envisions a thriving theatre community in Fredericksburg, Virginia where the theatre arts are celebrated, community members of all ages and backgrounds are engaged in the local theatre scene, and creative collaborations and partnerships are encouraged to foster a greater appreciation for the arts in our area and beyond.