Cinderella Cast

Maggie Carroll '19 (Cinderella)
Maggie is currently a senior and has been involved in eight shows at St. Paul. She has also participated in many shows with Southington Youth Summer Theater, including Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Fame (Iris), and Catch Me If You Can (Paula). She is extremely excited to be surrounded by her friends in her last show at St. Paul, and is thankful for the opportunity to play Ella.
Priscilla Godlewski '20 (Ensemble)
Priscilla is a junior who will be in her third musical at Saint Paul’s. She would like to thank her brother, her parents, and her grandma for all of their support. Priscilla would also like to thank all of the people involved in SPCHS drama for creating such a wonderful show.
Miranda Grustas '20 (Evil Stepmother Madame)
Miranda is a Junior and has been involved in every show at St.Paul's since her freshmen year including Anne of Green Gables, Mary Poppins, Angel in the Night, Hunchback of Note Dame, and Penny Dreadfuls. She is elated to be playing the Evil Stepmother Madame in this production of Cinderella and would like to thank Mr. Mazz for his vision and the amazing opportunity to play this iconic character.
Gianna Houle '19 (Ensemble)
Gianna has been part of the St. Paul ensemble for all four years at St. Paul
Olivia Lanteri '21 (Marie (Fairy Godmother))
Olivia Lanteri (Marie) is grateful to be performing on the SP stage! Recent past credits include, The Who’s Tommy (Mrs. Walker), To Kill a Mockingbird (Mayella Ewell), Angel in the Night (Mania). She would like to thank her family for their support and love, her directors Mr. Mazz, Mr. Ceppetelli, Mr. Simpson, Mr.G, Mr. Parsons, Ryan and Mrs. Nyerick for EVERYTHING. Finally, she would like to thank ALL of SP drama for their friendship
Sarah Lozinski '19 (Ensemble)
Sarah is a senior and has been involved in 7 shows at SPCHS including the role of Dorthea in Penny Dreadfuls. She will be attending Sacred Heart University in the fall as a nursing major and has also been chosen to participate in their Performing Arts Program.
Miranda Matos '19 (Charlotte)
Miranda Matos (Charlotte) is a Senior at St. Paul’s and is very excited to be playing the role of Charlotte the stepsister. Past shows include, “Penny Dreadfuls” (Mad Aggie) “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (Trixie the Usherette) “Aida” (Egyptian/Nubian Ensemble) and “A Chorus Line” (und. Diana Morales) She would like to thank Mr. Mazz, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Cepetelli, Mr. G, Mr. Parsons and Mrs. Nyerick for their amazing efforts in putting together this show. Miranda is very grateful for her experience at SP performing arts and is anticipating her final bow. @mirmatos
Kristina Posten '19 (Ensemble)
Kristina is a senior and has been part of St. Paul Performing Arts since freshman year and involved in 6 shows including Penny Dreadfuls, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Angel in the Night, Mary Poppins and Rags. She will be attending the American Musical & Dramatic Academy Conservatory for the Performing Arts.
Casey Roberge '20 (Gabrielle)
Catharine (Casey) Roberge (Gabrielle) is currently a junior and has been a part of three other shows at St. Paul Catholic High School. Casey would like to thank everyone that is a part of this show that guided her especially Mr. Junko. A special thanks to all who have supported her along the way and ignited her love for performing.
Emma Royce '26 (Fox)
Emma is in third grade at St. Matthew's School and has a great passion for singing and dancing. This year, Emma makes her theater debute as Cinderella's very own "Friendly Fox". A big thank you for a welcoming cast and crew, especially Mark Mazzarella and Olivia, her Fairy Godmother.
Daniel Kozmon '22 (Ensemble)
Daniel is currently a freshman and has been involved in several shows in elementary and middle school. At St. Paul Catholic High School, he did his first debut in the fall play of "Penny Dreadfuls" and has blossomed as a young actor. Daniel thanks his mom, Annette, for encouraging him to pursue drama and his family for their support. Additionally, he wants to thank Mr. Mazzarella and his friends for helping him get this far.
Julia Sosnowski '19 (Stage Crew)
Julia is currently a Senior at St. Paul Catholic High School. She has been involved with the drama program for her entire high school career which included eight productions. She would like to thank her parents, the school and the director for giving her the opportunity to be part of this great program at St. Paul. Julia is planning a career in Interior Design.
Jacob Thibodeau '19 (Sebastian, Lord Chancellor)
Jacob is a senior at St. Paul and has been involved in the St. Paul performing arts in the last two shows. He was Captain Phoebus DeMartin in The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Spring of 2018 and the Professor in the Penny Dreadfuls Fall of 2018.