Go Fish! and Spongebob the Musical Cast

Anabelle Abril  (Sardine 2/Songe/Sea Anemone, The SpongeBob Musical)
Annabelle is a first time actor on stage. Her past pursuits include Deputy 1 belt in Taekwondo, 6 years of Girl Scouts, 4 years of dance, 2 years of piano and 1 year of cheer. She currently volunteers at church and loves to sleep in as long as possible. Her dream is to one day direct on stage and screen.
Isabella Aultz (Tuna Fish, Go Fish!)
Izzy is thrilled to make her acting debut as Tuna Fish. She is excited to begin 1st grade at Wilson Creek. When she is not in school, Izzy enjoys scouts (both Girls and Cub) and trying new sports like soccer, cheer, and wrestling. Thank you for supporting her adventures!
Lyra Berk (Squidward, The SpongeBob Musical)
Lyra is so happy to bring Bikini Bottom to the stage. She most recently played Lavender in "Matilda". As Squidward, she is positively living out her dream performing with this talented cast and crew. Thank you to her mom, dad, dog Daisy and everyone involved. You're all not losers! <3
Gracyn Boshardt (Electric Skates 3/Sea Creature, The SpongeBob Musical)
Gracyn is excited to be performing in her 4th musical. Some of her other performances include "Moana, Jr." and "Beauty and the Beast, JR." In her free time Gracyn likes to play the coronet and create art. She would like to thank the directors for all their hard work.
Caroline Childers (Sandy, The SpongeBob Musical)
Caroline is excited to take on the stage again in "The SpongeBob Musical". She most recently starred as Katherine Plumber in Coal City Middle School's "Newsies, Jr." She was also in "Descendants" and "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" at CCMS.She would like to thank her mom, family and friends for all their support.
Maggie Collier (Angel Fish, Go Fish!)
Maggie, just turned 7 on June 23rd and is headed into 2nd grade. This is her third performance and she loves it! Some of Maggie's favorite things are ice cream, softball, making bracelets, swimming, and playing with her little sister.
Gabrielle Corp (Hammerhead Shark/Clown Fish, Go Fish!)
Gabrielle is thrilled to be in her fourth Spotlight production! She loves to sing, dance, cheerlead, and participate in Girl Scouts. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Anna Dotzenrod (French Narrator/Sea Creature, The SpongeBob Musical)
Anna is excited to be performing in her second Spotlight Theater Program. She recently performed in the children's ensemble in Spotlight's production of "Joseph." Anna enjoys singing in her church and school choirs. When not singing, Anna can be found reading, drawing or socializing with friends. Anna wants to thank her Mom for all her love and support.
Brendan Fitzpatrick (Sea Creature, The SpongeBob Musical)
Brendan is excited to be part of "SpongeBob". He is a 4th grader from Lockport. He was last seen in the children's ensemble in Spotlight's production of "Joseph." Brendan would like to thank all his family and friends for coming to the show!
Owen Franklin (Crab/Sea Horse/Red Snapper, Go Fish!)
Owen is so excited to make his stage debut in "Go Fish"! He loves to sing wherever he goes. Owen loves to play with his monster trucks, two kitties and his friends. Thank you Mama and Daddy and Spotlight Arts Collective for the opportunity!
Zoey Gilbert (Townfish 3/Cowboy Fish/"Girl" Fish/(RockFish) "F" Letter, The SpongeBob Musical)
Meet Zoey, a rising star in the world of theater! With an infectious spirit and an eagerness to learn, she takes on multiple roles and discovers the joy of theater alongside peers, creating magical moments on stage. She can't wait to perform in another production.
Chloe Goodwin (Sardine/Sponge/Sea Anemone, Ensemble, The SpongeBob Musical)
Chloe is so excited to be in "The SpongeBob Musical" this summer! She has been in "Moana" and "The Little Mermaid." Chloe started off doing stage crew in "The Addams Family". Outside of theater she plays piano, enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves traveling.
Ashlynn Grund (Sardine/Sponge,Sea Anemone, Ensemble, The SpongeBob Musical)
Ashlynn is excited to make her return to the stage as part of the ensemble in "SpongeBob Jr". In her free time she enjoys singing, dancing, swimming and hanging out with friends.
Olive Hancock (Crab/Eel/Sea Horse/Red Snapper, Go Fish!)
Six year old Olive has a heart of gold and the passion and charisma to take on the world. Olive has enjoyed 5 years of swimming, 4 years of gymnastics and 3 years of dance recitals and shows no signs of stopping with her latest role in Go Fish! Her first but certainly not her last!
Elliston Heumann (Blue Shark/Clown Fish, Go Fish!)
Ellison is an energetic first grader who loves playing with her family and friends in her free time. This is Elliston's first ever production, and she cannot wait to get out on that stage. She's O-FISH-ALLY excited to SEA you in the audience!
Maddy Hop (Tiger Shark, Go Fish!)
Maddy Hop is 8 years old. She is excited to star in her first performance. She enjoys playing/acting, reading and cheerleading. She loves her animals and has 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon she shares with her brother.
Aleksandra Jachymiak (Larry the Lobster, The SpongeBob Musical)
Aleksandra was in a play last year in Mokena and got one of the five cheetahs. I love to make friends, laugh all the time and use fake accents and be dramatic.l
Sophia Kennedy (Electric Skate 1/Sea Creature, The SpongeBob Musical)
This is Sophia's second year with SAC. She loves theater year round and her favorite roles include Iago in "Aladdin Jr." and Pua in "Moana Jr." Sophia also enjoys playing the piano and violin. She hopes you enjoy the show.
Ali Malone (Patrick, The SpongeBob Musical)
Ali is thrilled to be in "Spongebob". Ali loves playing music outside of acting. They would like to thank the many people who made this show possible.
RJ Maneris (Electric Skates 2/Sea Creature, The SpongeBob Musical)
RJ is excited about being in his first musical performance. RJ enjoyes working with the cast and getting to know them. In his spare time he emjoys art, football and hanging out with friends. He hopes you enjoy the show!
Kaitlyn Marks (Mayor of Bikini Bottom, The SpongeBob Musical)
This is Kaitlyn's second performance with Spotlight, 12 plays overall, and she absolutely loves it. She wants to thank her family and directors. Kaitlyn wishes the cast to break a leg.
Henry Marschel (idk /SpongeBob The Musical)
Henry is an adventurous kid who is going into the 5th grade at Chelsea Intermediate School. He is very excited to perform in "SpongeBob the Musical".
Z Marschel (SpongeBob, SpongeBob the Musical)
Z is so excited to be a part of this production. My former roles include Pinocchio in "Shrek the Musical Jr.", Captain Hook in "Peter Pan" and Jasper in "101 Dalmatians". Thank you to all the adults helping us put on this show. Enjoy!
Ella McKimson (Star Fish, Go Fish!)
This is Ella's debut performance. Ella loves dancing and singing very loudly! Are you ready for her commotion in the ocean?
Penny McKimson (Needle Fish, Go Fish!)
She's back again ready to put on a show. Maybe she will improve some dance moves again, maybe she will forget her lines, watch and find out!
Aydan Miller (Plankton, The SpongeBob Musical)
Aydan is pleased to play the role of Plankton. This is his second performance ever! Aydan has been learning to play the trumpet for two years. He spends his free time with family and friends. He would like to thank Mrs. Emily, Mr. Joe, the cast and crew! Have an amazing time at the show!
Annabelle Moran (Card Shark/Clown Fish, Go Fish!)
Annabelle is excited to participate in the production of "Go Fish". This is her second performance with Spotlight Arts Collective. She also enjoys being a Girl scout and playing with her two dogs. Annabelle is grateful for all the new friends she has made and is thankful to Ms. Jen and Ms. Kennedy for all their hard work. Enjoy the show!
Katie Murphy (Gary/Sea Creature, The SpongeBob Musical)
Katie has been doing theater for many years. Her favorite and most recent role is Toto in "The Wizard of Oz". Katie enjoys being on stage performing and dancing.
Madeline Murphy (Mrs. Puff, The SpongeBob Musical)
Madeline has been in 8 musicals and she is excited to add "Spongebob" to the list! Her favorite SpongeBob character is Squidward. Madeline loves acting, sining, and dancing. She hopes you all enjoy the show!
Holly Overton (Mako Shark/Clown Fish, Go Fish!)
Holly, famed Canadian star of stage and karaoke, continues her Illinois residence in “Go Fish”. Holly hones her craft through drum and piano lessons, Girl Scouts, Taekwondo, and Second Grade. She dedicates her performance to the most special people in her life: her sister and her Grandmothers.
Ava Peters (Sardine 3/Sponge/Sea Anemone, The SpongeBob Musical)
Ava is so excited to be in SpongeBob the Musical! She has been in 7 musicals. Outside of theater, she plays basketball and spends quality time with her friends. Hope you enjoy the show.
Lizzy Peters (Sardine/Sponge/Sea Anemone, Ensemble, The SpongeBob Musical)
Lizzy dedicates all her hard work to her parents. Her mom, who helped her find her passion and her dad, who picked her up when she was down. Lizzy loves all the people that are in this show. Lizzy hopes she has found her passion in musical theatre.
Morgan Petschinsky (Krabby Patty Fish/Sea Creature, The SpongeBob Musical)
Morgan is going to be a 4th grader at Anna McDonald. She is very excited to be in her fiersr show and is thrilled to be a Krabby Patty fish! She would like to thank Mrs. Miller-Amato for taking the time to teach everyone.
Ella Ramirez (Crab/Eel/Sea Horse/Sword Fish/Red Snapper, Go Fish!)
Ella is making her theater debut in "Go Fish!" The big third grader sells cookies in her off-season, loves sushi, being surrounded by friends and bossing her little sister around. Her parents are excited her sassy performances are being made available on stage, being the silliest goose of all!
Paxton Sasso (Mr. Krabs, The SpongeBob Musical)
Paxton as been doing theatre for 7 months and has performed in 2 shows, "Elf" and "The Wizard of Oz". Paxton is excited to perform in the upcoming show, the neon colors and sea theme seem fun to experiment with and explore.
Autumn Sexton (Karen, The SpongeBob Musical)
Autumn is excited to return to Spotlight as Karen, playing a villain! Most recent rolse include Miss Honey, Mrs. Beineke (Alice), and Molly from "Annie". Autumn is grateful to be on stage with such talented friends, new and old. She'd like to thank her family and friends for their support. It's good to be bad!
Kate Sexton (Old Man Jenkins, The SpongeBob Musical)
Kate is very excited to be in her 3rd musical! She is playing Old Man Jenkins. She enjoys writing, drawing and playing video games. She hopes you enjoy the show.
Connall Silvester (Octopus, Go Fish!)
Connall is a rising first grader who enjoys Pokemon, superheroes, playing outside and drawing comics. He is very excited to be in his first play.
Sophie Sinovich (Crab/Eel/Sea Horse/Sword Fish/Red Snapper, Go Fish!)
Sophie is ready to crab it up with her debut performance in Go Fish! She's a shy crab heading into kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year.
Charlotte Smith (Townfish 1/Cowboy Fish/"Girl" Fish (Rock Fish)/"B" Letter, The SpongeBob Musical)
Katie has been doing theater for many years now. Her favorite and most recent role is Toto in "The Wizard of Oz". Katie enjoys being on state performing and dancing.
Claire Thormeyer (Sardine 1/Sponge/Sea Anemone, The SpongeBob Musical)
Claire is really excited to be performing in SpongeBob. Claire's past performances include "Moana", "The Addams Family", and "The Little Mermaid". Claire enjoys singing in the choir at school and has performed ballet, tap and jazz routines in her dance recitals She hopes everyone enjoys the show!
Katherina Tigges (Sardine/Sponge/Sea Anemone Ensemble, The SpongeBob Musical)
Katherina is very excited to be a part of this musical with Spotlight. In the past, she has done several shows such as "The Wizard of Oz", "Annie Jr.", "Elf Jr." and more. Katherina hopes you enjoy the show!
Natalie Twardak (Pearl, The SpongeBob Musical)
Natalie debuted with Spotlight in 2019. She enjoys the whole production process, but most of all making great relationships year after year. When not on stage, you will find Natalie on the Volleyball court, swimming or spending time with her sisters Ashley, Kaylee & Riley.
Sydney Walk (Townfish 2/Cowboy Fish/"Girl: Fish (Rock Fish)/"F" Letter, The SpongeBob Musical)
Sydney is 9 years old and will be entering 4th grade. She discovered her love for theater 2 years ago and has performed in 4 musicals. She lives with her mom, dad, sister and her dog Coca. Sydney loves rollerblading and playing Roblox with friends.
Makenna Wohlberg (Sardine/Sponge/Sea Anemone, Ensemble, The SpongeBob Musical)
This is Makenna's fourth musical and her second musical with Spotlight. She is so excited to perform SpongeBob for everyone and wishes the cast good luck!
Vivian Young (Zebra Fish, Go Fish!)
This is Vivian's first play! She is full of creativity and loves to let her imagination run wild! She is so excited to perform and her little brother will likely be shouting cheers from the audience!