SHREK The Musical Cast

Maximiliano Caron (SHREK)
Max is looking forward to appearing in his first SRS Drama Club production after participating in Stagecraft for several years.
Abigail Grazia (FIONA)
Abigail is a Sophomore at SRS and loves theater! The first show she was in was THE GREAT KAPOK TREE when she was seven. When she was eleven, she revisited the world of theater, and since then she has always loved it. The first musical she was in was THE ADDAMS FAMILY where she played a featured Ancestor. You may remember her as the Mayor of Whoville in SRS’s production of SEUSSICAL: THE MUSICAL. She also recently played The Groundskeeper in SRS’s production of CLUE! When she is not singing on stage she plays clarinet, draws, practices SFX makeup, and the singing techniques of belting and opera. Abigail hopes to attend college for the Performing Arts and is so thankful for this opportunity to play Princess Fiona. She thanks everyone in the Cast for being so amazing and supportive, and Mrs. Sobolow, Mr. Quinn, Ms. Grunwald, and Mrs. Fortier for putting together such an amazing show!! She hopes you all enjoy the show as much as she enjoys being in it! :)
Jaylis López   (DONKEY)
Jaylis feels honored to have been entrusted with the role of Donkey. She has been working very hard alongside the rest of the incredibly talented cast to bring life to all the characters in the show. This being Jaylis' 3rd show here at SRS, she has been looking forward to this performance all year. You may have seen her in SEUSSICAL as Mayzie La Bird or the Cook in CLUE. She would like to thank the Mrs. Sobolow, Mr. Quinn, Ms. Fortier, and Mr. Bladyka for all their hard work in making this show possible. Jaylis values her role as she sees a lot of herself in Donkey and she hopes you enjoy what she brings to the stage. Let your Freak Flag Fly!
Christopher Hartman (LORD FARQUAAD)
Christopher will be playing Lord Farquaad! He has most recently played the role of Colonel Mustard in the fall production of CLUE and hopes that the audience enjoys the SRS showing of SHREK THE MUSICAL. With the talented cast and production team, it’s sure to be a wonderful show!
Lily Bouchard (DRAGON)
This is Lily's 4th production with SRS Drama Club. She was in the last year’s spring musical SEUSSICAL as a Bird Girl she was also part of last fall’s play CLUE as The Motorist. Lily is thrilled to be back on stage and hopes you enjoy the show!
This is Marylou's fourth production with SRS Drama Club, previously appearing in A LITTLE PRINCESS, SEUSSICAL, and CLUE. She has also done multiple productions with Nutmegs Dance and Valley Student Theatre. She is very excited for this show and hopes you enjoy it. She would also like to thank Erin Dugan for helping her and always being there. She would also love to give special thanks to Marilene Allen for helping Gingy come to life.
Jameson Barger (PINOCCHIO)
Jameson is a Freshman at SRS. He joined SRS Drama Club in the Fall as Stage Crew for CLUE but has also been cast in shows in the past. SHREK THE MUSICAL has been his favorite musical for years and he is so excited to be a part of this amazing production. As his first musical at Southwick Regional School, he hopes that everyone will enjoy the performance.
Lucas Caron (BIG BAD WOLF)
Lucas is a Junior at Southwick Regional School. This will be his sixth production with the SRS Drama Club. Known to many at school as the "Voice of SRS," he enjoys doing a variety of activities around the campus, including Interact Club, Student Council, the morning announcements, and, of course, Drama Club. He has a strong passion for acting, and he and his fellow cast members have put their heart and soul into SHREK THE MUSICAL. He wants to thank Mrs. Sobolow for all the time and effort she has put into making this show happen, and his family and friends for pushing him to be the best he can be. He hopes you enjoy the show to the fullest!
Lillie Hebert (LITTLE PIG)
Lillie is currently a Junior. This will be their sixth production with the SRS Drama Club. They appeared in BYE BYE BIRDIE (Ensemble), IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Ensemble), 2021 SPRING MUSICAL REVUE (Scarecrow), A LITTLE PRINCESS (Ensemble) and SEUSSICAL (Thing 2). They enjoy playing the cello, taking care of their lizard and helping out in Stagecraft. They thank their mom, dad and amazing big sister. They are excited to perform with this amazing cast. Enjoy the show!
Sophie Hebert (LITTLE PIG)
Sophie is in 11th grade, and she has been part of SRS Drama Club since 7th grade and it’s been a blast she has been in BYE BYE BIRDIE and SUESSICAL but also was in dance for a few years. Hello! and enjoy the show!
Vivian Mello (LITTLE PIG)
Vivian is in eighth grade and has been in theater for about six years now, appearing in local productions such as IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE and A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Some of her hobbies include singing and playing guitar and bass. She also loves drawing and sculping things out of clay. Spending time with the people she cares about in life is one of the most important things to her.
Molly Clark (WICKED WITCH)
Molly is so excited to be joining the SRS DRAMA CLUB this year as a 7th grader. She has been doing theater for a little while now and is acquiring a love for it. Her first show was BIG FISH with Westfield Theatre Group where she played Zackey Price. She has grown up in a theater family and has always loved music. Molly would like to thank her dad for getting her into theater and encouraging her to audition for SHREK. She would also like to thank her mom, sister, and friends for always supporting her. Enjoy the show!
Connor Martin (PAPA BEAR / PAPA OGRE)
Connor is coming back to the SRS Drama Club for his second production with SHREK THE MUSICAL! His first production was in last year’s musical, SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL, as a Wickersham Brother. He is extremely excited to come back and present an amazing show! Connor enjoys playing games, running, and hanging out with his friends in his free time. Enjoy the show!
Reagan McLaughlin (MAMA BEAR)
Reagan is appearing in her sixth production with the SRS Drama Club. Most recently, she was seen as Miss Scarlet in the fall play, CLUE! Reagan is an active member of the SRS band and is passionate about singing. She is excited to be a part of another SRS production with Ms. Sobolow and Ms. Fortier. She would like to thank Ella Andrade for always bringing good snacks to rehearsal. Please enjoy the show!
Layla is a sassy 14-year-old who loves tornadoes. Her dream is to make the world an awesome place She puts a lot of effort into her schoolwork, making Honor Roll twice, and is a member of Student Council and Unified Track. She really enjoys being a part of the SRS Drama Club with her friends Janelle, Ava, Lucas, Jaylis, and everyone else. When she was young, she was bullied a lot, but that made her more hopeful to be the best she can be. She loves cats and dogs, Rap and Pop Music, and is a YouTuber with nearly 3,000 subscriptions. She says "Thank You" for this awesome production.
Rylie Kearney (ELF)
Rylie Kearney is a 10th grader. She’s been in the drama club since her freshman year, her most recent performance was in CLUE where she played Mr. Green. She’s looking forward to this show as she’s loved Shrek since she was a kid, and she hopes everyone will enjoy the show
Tobi Hooben (MAD HATTER)
Tobias is a Freshman at Southwick Regional High School. This is his first time taking part in a production, but he is looking forward to playing the Mad Hatter in SHREK.
Gina is incredibly excited to participate in this year's spring musical. This is the 3rd show she's been cast in and the 4th show she's worked on with this school. You may have seen her as Mrs. Mayor in last year's production of SEUSSICAL. She is in her freshman year and takes part in the school's Chorus.
Mason Grazia (KING HAROLD / KNIGHT )
Mason Grazia is a Sophomore and performing in his first SRS Drama Club production! After being Inducted into the Club by his twin sister Abigail, he was surprised but excited to be given four separate roles in the show. In his own time, he enjoys mixing music, hiking, gaming, and storytelling. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and family.
Rachel Lynch (YOUNG FIONA)
Rachel Lynch is excited to be performing her first show with SRS Drama Club, and she hopes you enjoy the show.
Angelica Kowal (TEEN FIONA)
Angelica Kowal is in 8th grade, and this is her 4th production with the SRS Drama Club! Her first musical was SEUSSICAL where she played the Young Kangaroo. Her latest production was as Mrs. White in the SRS Drama Club production of CLUE. She is a member of the SRS Band and Chorus and also dances with Nutmeg’s Dance and Theater Company. She would like to thank her family for supporting her and her friends for making every rehearsal worth it.
Ember Clendenin (CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD)
This is Ember's second production with the SRS Drama Club, and her first musical. She had so much fun with the fall production of CLUE and is so happy to be a part of SHREK. She would like to thank the amazing Stagecraft crew, all her friends and family, and her dance teacher, Sarah, for helping her feel more confident during the auditions. She hopes you enjoy SHREK!
Ava Crawford (HEAD GUARD)
Ava is a 10th grader, and this is her first SRS Drama Club production. She is excited to be part of this production of SHREK. Ava is active in school sports, such as Unified Basketball and Track and also enjoys dance and reading a good book.
Ella Andrade (BLIND MOUSE)
Ella is excited to be back on the stage, returning for her sixth show with the SRS Drama Club! Outside of theater, Ella is the Freshman Class President, as well as a member of The SRS Connections Program, Interact Club, and School Newspaper. She’d like to thank Lucas Caron for being her “Father” and Reagan McLaughlin for being her stage bestie. <3
Riley Moore (BLIND MOUSE)
Riley is a Freshman. This is her first show ever, and she is thrilled to be doing it. Other things she does in school are Interact Club, New Horizons, and Unified Basketball and Track. She also helps to build the amazing sets for the productions in Stagecraft. She is looking forward to this awesome production and can't wait to continue participating in the Drama Club.
Gabby Sanchez (BLIND MOUSE)
This is Gabby's second musical with the SRS Drama Club, and she is very excited to be doing it again. She has been performing since she was very young and has always loved it. She has been in school plays, attended acting camps, and was in last year’s production of SEUSSICAL as a Bird Girl. Gabby is also a competitive dancer and has been dancing for ten years. She has danced competitively both regionally and nationally including acrobatics, modern, jazz, and hip hop. When she's not performing, she can be found spending time with friends and family.
Aden Braithwaite (BISHOP)
Aden is a Freshman and is ready to share this show with all of you! His first show was SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL, where he played the part of Thing #1! He decided to do SHREK because he had such a fun experience on stage last year! Outside of the SRS drama club, he's the Freshman Class Secretary and a member of the Spectator Newspaper Club. He'd love to thank his family and friends for supporting him and he hopes you enjoy the show!
Bryan Pomeroy is a 7th grader at SRS. In the fall he played the Chief of Police in the SRS Drama Club production of CLUE. In between shows he plays baseball for Westfield Babe Ruth and does competition dance at Alpha Dance Studio. He would like to thank his family for supporting him. He would also like to thank his besties for always being there for him and always making him laugh. He hopes you enjoy this production of SHREK THE MUSICAL.
Alex is a 7th grader. This is his second SRS Drama Club production. His first show was CLUE where he enjoyed being a part of Stagecraft. He is looking forward to being a part of the cast in this production. He has been dancing for eight years and is excited to showcase his skills and learn more Theatre. He is looking forward to being a part of Drama Club for the rest of his high school career, and he hopes you enjoy the show!
Caleb is a smart kid who puts his heart and soul into everything he does and never gives up no matter what. He is always trying to improve himself. He tries putting himself out there trying new things like Drama, and he thought that this would be a great opportunity to do so.
Ella is very excited to be in performing in SHREK THE MUSICAL. This is her first-ever musical performance and is glad that she gets to be a part of an experience surrounded by such talented singers and dancers. Ella has been dancing since she was two years old and has been a student and competitive dancer at The Dance Slipper Academy for nine years. Ella is excited to show off her skills as part of the show’s Dance Ensemble along with her role as a Dwarf. She hopes you enjoy this SRS Drama Club production of SHREK THE
Adrian Bottass (TOWN GREETER)
Adrian is a 16-year-old Sophomore who was spontaneously inducted into the show several weeks after production started. After joining the cast, he was given the role of The Greeter. This is his only year as a member of the SRS Drama Club: he thinks that the cast is a whole lot of fun and full of energy, but unfortunately is leaving after this year to focus on sports. Running is a hobby he enjoys and is hoping to enjoy wrestling as much as he enjoys his other activities. In the meantime, he enjoys the role he’s been given and is very excited for the show to start.
Emma is currently a Freshman and is excited to be in her second performance with the SRS Drama Club. Last year she played the role of Vlad Vladikoff and was a member of the Dance Ensemble in SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL and now will be continuing her love for dance in this show. Outside of Drama Club, Emma likes to hang out with friends - most of whom she will be performing with tonight – and play field hockey; she will be joining Unified Track in the spring. Emma would like to thank the amazing directors and her family and friends who have supported her through it all. The whole cast has worked very hard on this show, and she hopes you enjoy!
Sage Hobbs-Paton (ENSEMBLE)
Sage Is a Junior and is excited to be participating in her first show with SRS Drama Club’s production of SHREK THE MUSICAL! She would like to say Thank You to her Friends in the Drama Club and Mrs. Sobolow for helping her through everything! She would also like to thank her family for supporting her decisions with performing!
Kendall Kearney (ENSEMBLE)
This is Kendall’s first production with the SRS Drama Club. She is enjoying it very much and hopes to do it again in years to come.
Janelle Davidson (ENSEMBLE)
This is Janelle's 2nd production with the SRS Drama Club! She was in the Ensemble for SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL last spring. She has recently become interested in learning Sign Language. She continues to dance at All Stars Dance Center and studies Tae Kwon Do at Family Martial Arts Academy where she is Red Belt. She is looking forward to many more shows with the SRS Drama Club!
Juliana Bregoli (ENSEMBLE)
Juliana is in 9th grade. She has been in SRS Drama Club for a year and a half now and has been in 3 productions. She was in the spring musical last year called SEUSSICAL and the play this past fall called CLUE. She is very excited to perform in this show. She is grateful for the many friends she has made along the way and is excited to make more in the future. SOUTHWICK FOOTBALL RULES!
Camryn Anderson (ENSEMBLE)
Camryn is excited for SHREK THE MUSICAL to be her first show with the SRS Drama Club. She is a 7th grader at SRS. She would like to thank her friend Molly Clark for inspiring her to audition. She would also like to thank her parents and other friends for pushing her out of her comfort zone and giving her the confidence to audition.