About Thriller

It is with great pleasure that I present the South Pointe Middle School Choir and Musical Theater program in their production of THRILLER.

Tonight, we tell the story of a group of friends deciding to watch a spooky show.

Nightmare Before Christmas, Stranger Things, Phantom, or Coco? We would all like to know!

As the night continues on, the students continue to flip the channels.

Is choosing one single show for this evening really that much to handle?

After hours of testing show after show and flick after flick, the students want to find the perfect movie to pick.

However, they notice something isn't quite right in their search. Will it be a sweet treat, or more like a trick?

We hope you enjoy their quest to find the perfect entertainment for the night.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this night of fun and fright. It's time.

About Us - Choir and Musical Theater

Our classes here at South Pointe currently consist of 3 choir classes and 1 musical theater class. Chamber Singers and Showtime are the two intermediate/advanced choirs, and Panther Choir is our beginning ensemble. Chamber Singers has more of a traditional standing-choir focus, whereas Showtime is more show choir based and is focused on performing and dancing while singing. Our musical theater class has many units that cover acting, show study, playwriting, singing, and much more.

Although we are dedicated to the excellence of our performances, our primary focus is to create good and upstanding people first. Respect, Kindness, Focus, Unity, and Honesty are at the forefront of our lessons before content is even touched. We have the power to uplift people and change minds through our performance; with great power comes great responsibility.