Guys on Ice Creative

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Cherri Bartle
Cherri did her first play with the theatre in 1999. She has enjoyed being part of the theatre family as an actor and director for the last 25 years. Of the half dozen shows she has directed, Guys on Ice is still her favorite. She dedicates this play to her wonderful husband Ken - who is also in the production.
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Joy Persoon
Joy has been a huge part of Sixth Street as a performer, writer, director, and musical director, as well as a former board member. Some of her past works include “Church Basement Ladies”, all the “Nunsense” shows, “Quilters”, “Radio TBS”, “The Lawrence Welk Show”, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, “Home on the Grange” and “Back Home on the Grange”, “Godspell” and “Guys on Ice”. Joy is retired from the local school district after being a music teacher for 43 years. She is the accompanist for Guys on Ice. She would like to thank her mommy and daddy, Vernis and Larry, who have front row seats in Heaven to watch each show!! Love you!!