About Life, Love, and Spirit

I’m Danielle, an evidential medium and intuitive guide. I’m also a wife and a mother, and with my husband Joey, we own Scents & Spirituality. Our work is our passion, one we are honored to share. I’ve always had a connection to Spirit; as a child I knew, saw, and heard things that others weren’t quite aware of. It wasn’t until losing my mother, suddenly and unexpectedly, that I truly found my connection to Spirit. The peace that came with knowing my mother was and would always be with me is what drives me to share this connection with you. It’s an honor to allow those I sit with to connect with their loved ones, to bring a piece of their personality to life, and deliver messages of hope and love. Joey and I can be found at events and markets in Sierra Vista, Bisbee, and Tucson. We offer crystals, incense, and of course, readings. We truly love our work and are beyond excited to share it with you

Sierra Vista Community Theatre

The Sierra Vista Community Theatre was founded in 2019 with the goal of providing a safe place for everyone in Southeastern Cochise County to enjoy and participate in the performing arts. The Sierra Vista Community Theatre promotes the arts through live performances, education, workshops, and community involvement. We are an all-volunteer, community funded, nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization and all are welcome here. Thank you for your support!