26 Pebbles Cast

Cast A - Actor 1 (Hannah Persick)
Jenn, Carla - SENIOR - 26 Pebbles is my fourth play. Previously, I was cast in Diary of Anne Frank, Noises Off, and Unmuted. After high school, I plan to go to college and major in communications.
Cast B - Actor 1 (Bella Froh)
Jenn, Carla
Cast A - Actor 2 (Gabriel Ellison)
Michael, Darren, Bill, Father
Cast B - Actor 2 (Gabriel Ellison)
Cast A - Actor 3 (Brady Baker)
Joe, Chris, Rabbi, Mike
Cast B - Actor 3 (Brady Baker)
Joe, Chris, Rabbi, Mike
Cast A - Actor 4 (Maya Bistan)
Yollie, Jerrian, Sally
Cast B - Actor 4 (Maya Campbell)
Yollie, Jerrian, Sally
Cast A - Actor 5 (Katelyn Estrada)
Georgia, Kat, Carrie
Cast B - Actor 5 (Maggie Krueger)
Georgia, Kat, Carrie - SENIOR - I have been involved in almost every production at North starting with Annie and finishing with 26 Pebbles. This play has been a great challenge for everyone this year and I'd like to thank the entire cast for becoming my second family in the process. After high school, I plan to attend UW-Milwaukee and major in Education.
Cast A - Actor 6 (Bailey Joyce)
Julie, Star, Carole
Cast B - Actor 6 (Emily Allen)
Julie, Star, Carole - SOPHOMORE - 26 Pebbles is my second show, the first being Mamma Mia. Even though I started late, I would like to think that I have found my place in the theater. I am so grateful for everyone involved and how accepting they are.
Actor 7 (Coco Coster)