About The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

The Lightning Thief is a production made up entirely of the students in our advanced leveled Musical Theatre III course. This show was entirely rehearsed in class - meaning the students had a total of about 48 hours to rehearse this monster (no pun intended) of a show. For perspective, most high school musical theatre productions rehearse between 15-25 hours each week for a few months. 

We had 48 hours…These students have risen to the occasion with kindness, grace, and drive. 

This gave our students the absolutely thrilling opportunity to experience the nature of putting up a full-length musical production in an extremely limited amount of time - which is something that they will experience in the professional industry. 

The students in the production have also gotten to experience what it is like to participate in a production where we do not have a costumer making/renting costumes for them. About 90% of the costume pieces in this show have been made by the students or pulled from their own closets. 

We hope you enjoy this story!

Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts

Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts (SPA), located in the Sugarhouse community, embodies a unique approach to education for high school-age students who are interested in the performing arts. We are a charter school that is sponsored by the Salt Lake School District. This allows us to be a tuition-free school as well as ensures that we provide an excellent academic and artistic experience for our students. 

We offer a unique performing arts curriculum focused on the individual. Since individual creativity is integral to the production of art, SPA faculty and staff work with students individually and collectively to stimulate intellectual, artistic, and technical originality. We strive to graduate individuals who can work independently and creatively. 

​Our tracks of study – in Dance, Music, Theatre, Performance Design and Technology, and Media Art - are designed for motivated students who desire the most from their efforts in the performing arts and in the classroom. SPA desires to create positive learning and performing experiences for all students and to provide the knowledge and inspiration to take their art to the next level. 

If you, or someone you know, is interested in experiencing a day in the life of a performing arts student, we are having shadow days this Spring. This is a great way to learn more about the school and see if we are the right fit for you. To sign up and learn more, go to www.saltlakespa.org/shadow-days