Head Over Heels Cast

Olivia Kessler (she/her) (Pamela - First Weekend/Student Dramaturg)
This is Olivia’s 7th SST show! She previously played Rae in Unfortunates and Hermione in The Winter’s Tale! This is Olivia’s 3rd time student dramaturging and she would like to thank fellow student dramaturg, Maddie Macknis for all of her hard work! Outside of SST Olivia co-founded Padua’s a capella group the Broom Street Belles! Olivia would like to thank the entire company, friends, family, Lynne Morse and Sharon McGee.
Anna Szczerba (she/her) (Pamela - Second Weekend)
Anna is excited to be participating in her fourth production with SST. Some of her past roles include Tanya in "Mamma Mia" (Padua Academy), a student director for "Little Shop of Horrors" (SST), Aquata the mersister in "The Little Mermaid" (Padua Academy), Rae understudy and ensemble in "The Unfortunates" (SST), and most recently, Ms. Honey in "Matilda" (Padua Academy). She would like to thank the SST company for the friends and memories she has made here.
Liz McMunn (she/her) (Mopsa - First Weekend)
Liz is excited for her 3rd show at SST. You may have seen her last as Antigonus/Dorcas in The Winter’s Tale. She would like to thank her friends for always supporting her and pushing her to do better. She is so excited for you to see the show and hopes you enjoy!
Liz Rolph (she/her) (Mopsa - Second Weekend)
What is a farmer's favorite go-go's song? We Got the BEET! Anyway, this is Liz's 9th production with SST. Her favorite past roles include Jury Foreman in "Ragtime" and actor with the dog in "Shakespeare in Love" (rip). Liz would like to thank Haleigh Butterfield her number one supporter (sorry mom).
Kiley Williams (she/her) (Philoclea - First Weekend)
Kiley Williams is a senior at Ursuline Academy. She is very excited to be a part of her second SST production. Some of her favorite previous roles include Aurora in Dreamland, Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, Ellie Blake in Freaky Friday, Foxy in The Unfortunates. Kiley would like to thank her friends, family, the entire Head over Heels company, and Caroline Manley for their support.
JoJo Schlect (she/her) (Philoclea - Second Weekend)
JoJo Schlecht is a freshman at Ursuline Academy and is thrilled to be back on stage at SST! Local theatre goers may have seen her in productions at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, Ursuline Theatre, Aldersgate Youth Players, Delaware Theatre Company, Delaware All-State Theatre, Brandywiners, or the Wilmington Drama League. Select credits: Matilda (Lavender, WST), Shrek (Ensemble, WST), Moana Jr. (Ensemble, WST), Honk (Beaky, DTC), Matilda (Matilda, WDL), Dreamland (Puck, UA), Freaky Friday: The Musical (Fletcher, UA), Les Mis (Little Cosette, SST). Love and thanks to the cast, crew, and her friends & family.
Sebastian Gervay (he/him) (Musidorus - First Weekend)
Sebastian Gervay is a senior at Salesianum School. Past roles include Sky in Mamma Mia! (Padua Theatre), Harry Houdini in Ragtime (SST), Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors (SST), Mike in Freaky Friday (Ursuline Theatre), King Triton in The Little Mermaid (Padua Theatre), CJ in The Unfortunates (SST), Helper #1 in Cinderella (Ursuline Theatre), and Eliot Chambers in Dreamland (Ursuline Theatre). Sebastian is very excited to be part of this production and would like to thank his family, friends, and the whole company for their assistance and support.
Luke Plunkett (he/him) (Musidorus - Second Weekend)
LUKE PLUNKETT (Musidorus) A current senior at Salesianum, Luke is happy to be back on stage at Salesianum! Luke’s most recent roles include Snyder in Dreamland (UA), Coughlin in The Unfortunates (SST), Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid (PA), Parker in Freaky Friday (UA), Lebeau in Incident at Vichy (SST) and Younger Brother in Ragtime (SST). Luke has acted since he was 9 years old and is grateful for all of his past shows at Delaware Children’s Theatre, Candlelight Theatre, Wilmington Drama League, Walnut Street Theatre, Milburn Stone Theatre, DAST, and Sketch Club Players. Luke hopes that Wyatt Enslen is happier with this bio and that you all enjoy the show!
Dominick (DJ) Figliola (Basillius - First Weekend)
I am excited to be participating in my third production with SST. I am a Junior at Salesianum where I enjoy aviation and video game club. I have played Javert in Les Miserable and Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. I am grateful to be supported by my mother and my sibling.
Sullie Wagner (she/her) (Basillius - Second Weekend)
Sullie is a Sophomore at Padua Academy. This is Sullie's 5th show at Salesianum. Previously, she was in Les Miserables (Gavorche), Unfortunates (U/S Koko), After Juliet (Mercutio, U/S Rosaline), Winters Tale (Clown). Sullie is very excited to perform such a huge role in Head Over Heels. She would like to thank her family and the entire show company!!
Caroline Manley (she/her) (Gynecia - First Weekend)
Caroline Manley is a senior at Ursuline Academy, and it is her third time performing with SST. Some of her favorite roles she has previously played include Rebecca in Dreamland, Roxy in The Unfortunates, Evil Stepsister in Cinderella, and Hannah in Freaky Friday. She would like to thank her friends, family, cast, crew, and Kiley Williams for all of their support.
Lauren Perry (Gynecia - Second Weekend)
This is Lauren’s 4th SST show! She has played Koko in The Unfortunates, Ronnette in LSH, was a mersister in The Little Mermaid, Livia in After Juliet and Rudolpho in Matilda. She has been dancing for 13 years and is a member of PDT! She would like to thank the company, her friends, and family for all of their support.
CJ Formilleza (he/him) (Dametas - First Weekend)
CJ Formilleza is incredibly proud to be making a return to SST as a Dametas in Head Over Heels. He has previously performed at SST in productions, such as Ragtime (Ensemble), Incident at Vichy (Marchand), Radium Girls (Markley), The Unfortunates (Ensemble, Understudy), After Juliet (Tybalt, Swing) and The Winter’s Tale (Polixenes). He would like to thank his family, friends, and the SST community for their support.
Shane Olexa (he/him) (Dametas - Second Weekend)
This is Shane’s 6th SST show! He was Miles in “She Kills Monsters” (SST), and a root-boy in “Little Shop of Horrors” (SST). Shane has done theatre since 4th grade and some past roles include Mike Teavee “Willy Wonka JR” (IHM) and Simba “Lion King JR” (IHM). Shane’s most recent roles included Mr. Lee in “Radium Girls”, Lorenzo in “After Juliet” and Camillo in the “Winter’s Tale.”
Robert Gruszka (he/him) (Pythio - First Weekend)
Robert is excited for his 8th show at SST. Some of his favorite roles include: Handsome Carl - The Unfortunates, Florizel - The Winter’s Tale, Reporter/Berry/Knef - Radium Girls. He would like to congratulate the cast and crew on doing an amazing job with this show and thank them for always allowing him to express his true self. He would also like to thank his family and his friends for always supporting his adventures in the theatre community and all of his creative endeavors.
Olivia Segeda (she/they) (Pythio - Second Weekend/Makeup Artist)
This is Olivia’s 10th production with SST. Past roles include Irene Rudolph in “Radium Girls”, Foxy in "The Unfortunates”, and Vera in “She Kills Monsters”, as well as Mrs. Trunchbull in Padua Theatre’s production of “Matilda”. Olivia would like to thank her parents, friends, and everyone involved in SST for their support.
Cameron Cairns (Ensemble)
This is Cameron Cairns. This is Cam’s 2nd musical with SST, but Cam has also stared in 4 productions with SST. He is looking forward to continuing with the company in the future. He has also stared in SST’s 2022 musical production of The Unfortunates. He would like to thank Mr Bogad, Mr Fin, Mrs Lantz, Mr Cox, his family, his friends, and his cast and crew.
Grace Clayton (she/her) (Ensemble)
Grace is a junior at Ursuline and has been doing theater for all three years in high school, but is excited to be in her first SST show this year! She has previously been in Freaky Friday & Cinderella at Ursuline. When not on the stage, Grace enjoys being on the football field as apart of the SUP marching band. She wants to thank her family and friends for supporting her through all of her shows!
Jack Cunningham (he/him) (Ensemble)
Jack is thrilled to be performing in his third SST production. Previous shows include Ragtime, The Winter’s Tale, and Dreamland at Ursuline Academy. Jack would like to thank Mr. Bogad, Ms. Y, Ms. Lantz, and the Dramaturgical staff including the student directors. Jack would also like to thank his parents and family for driving to and from rehearsals and working around busy schedules. Jack is a freshman at Salesianum and is looking forward to doing many more productions to come. Please enjoy the show!
Tate Cunningham (he/him) (Ensemble)
This is Tate’s 3rd SST show. He is excited to be joing the cast and crew for head over heels! Tate is currently in 7th grade at St Edmonds Academy. Tate’s first role was Edgar in ragtime.
Lindsey DePiero (she/her) (Ensemble)
Lindsey DePiero is so excited to be performing in Head over Heels. This is her seventh musical with previous shows including Shrek Junior, Songs for a New World, Freaky Friday, the Unfortunates, Cinderella as an evil step sister, and most recently Dreamland. She would like to thank her family, friends, cast, and directors for all of the support these past years, and wishes the cast her best!
Amelia Drushler (she/her) (Ensemble/Dance Captain)
Amelia is currently a senior at Padua Academy and this is her 6th show with SST and her first show in cast. Amelia participated on crew for Radium Girls, After Juliet, and The Winter's Tale. She has also helped choreograph Little Shop of Horrors and The Unfortunates. Outside of Theater Amelia Dances at Encore Dance Academy. Amelia would like to thank everyone in the cast, crew, and staff who helped bring this production together. Amelia would also like to thank her family and friends.
Lydia Durkee (she/her) (Ensemble)
Meredith Hill (Ensemble)
Meredith is very excited to be participating in her 3rd SST show! Previous highschool shows they have done include, Radium Girls, The Unfortunates and, Matilda. Theater has been a big part of their life for awhile and is very grateful to her friends for making theater so fun. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Rafferty Hill (she/they) (Ensemble)
This is Rafferty's first performance with Sallies Theatre and she is very excited. In previous years she was active in her Middle School plays, including the role of Sebastian in the Little Mermaid. She is currently performing with The Broom Street Belles, Padua's a Capella group, and is a part of choir and music ministry. She would like to thank her parents, her friends and family cheering her on, the seniors who have taken her under their wings, and the directors. In her free time she can be found curled up with a good book with her dogs by her side.
Jaylyn Jennings (he/him) (Ensemble)
A Senior who loves having fun with people.
Carmella Lionti (she/her) (Ensemble)
This is Carmella's 3rd SST production. Some of her past roles include Harriett/ Society Woman in "Radium Girls" (SST), U/s Stack O'Lee "The Unfortunates"(SST) and Lioness "Lion King"(IHM). She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her.
Lucy Maguire (she/they) (Ensemble)
Lucy has been doing theater since she was six years old, but she is excited to be in her first SST show! She has previously been in Dreamland and Cinderella at Ursuline, Pinocchio and Hansel & Gretel at the Grand, and The Frog Prince at WDL. Lucy has been a dancer for 13 years and has danced competitively for 6 years. Lucy would like to thank her family for always supporting her during all of her shows!
Madelyn Manley (she/her) (Ensemble)
This is Maddy’s first SST production, she is a freshman and Ursuline Academy and appeared in Ursuline’s fall musical, Dreamland. She wishes the best of luck to all of the cast and crew.
Ben McHugh (he/him) (Ensemble)
Ben McHugh is a Junior at Salesianum and is just stepping into the world of theater. After losing what would have been his first performance in eighth grade due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he tried again at padua last year in “The Little Mermaid”.
Meghan Norman (she/her) (Ensemble)
Meghan (Ensemble) is excited for her 2nd show at SST. You would have seen her last as Dion in The Winter's Tale. She would like to thank her friends and family for their endless support. She asks you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!!
Lucy Perdick (she/her) (Ensemble)
Lucy is excited to be making her debut at Salesianum theater! She has been doing theater since she was 8 years old. Starting at the Delaware Children’s Theater. Most recent she was in Matilda at The Wilmington Drama League. Her top two favorite shows she has been in were A Christmas Story and Matilda, both at The Wilmington Drama League.
Cole Rzucidlo (he/him) (Ensemble)
This is Cole‘s 6th SST Production. He would like to thank his friends and family for their support, as well as the entire company for their dedication and hard work.
Sophia Wolff (she/her) (Ensemble/Assistance Dance Captain)
Sophia Wolff is excited for her 3rd production with Salesianum Theatre! Sophia has performed in nine Nutcrackers with Wilmington Ballet, three musicals at St. Ann’s, Freaky Friday (Ursuline), the Unfortunates(SST), After Juliet (SST), and Dreamland (Ursuline). She would like to thank the SST company, her friends, and family for their support.