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Come for the sweets, stay for the P-P-P-PRIZES!

Enjoy wine, chocolate, 4 over-stuffed raffle totes!


Funds for this event help STEWARD AWARENESS FOR MENTAL HEALTH through both an OFF BROADWAY THEATRICAL PRODUCTION.  and also the teen-driven film SIN FONDO.   With these productions, we will present audiences with an inquiry into trauma and healing methods.    Paired with our talk-backs by Mental Health organizations.


Ripple Effect Artists

At Ripple Effect Artists, Inc. (REA) we leverage theatre for a teachable moment, addressing challenging issues faced in the U.S. and globally.  Our mission states: we address injustice and cause social impact through art - primarily by producing masterful plays - presenting them along with talk-back discussions in partnership with educators and advocacy groups. These events, our education, and our game-changing philanthropy cultivate empathy, shift audiences from APATHY to ACTION, and create a RIPPLE EFFECT in the larger community. With every production we are giving back in three ways: educating our audience about critical current issues, leading theatre workshops for high school students, and partnering with an advocacy group.  Currently we are in our 9th season.  Over the years we have brought to stage issues such as bullying, marriage equality, technology unemployment, human trafficking and more.