About Adam's Eve

What would you do if you opened your closet door and out popped a woman who claimed to be your soul mate? When it happens to Adam, he assumes Eve is part of a prank being pulled on him by his best friend, Mark. Of course, Mark denies all knowledge of Eve, and Eve continues to insist she’s been sent by God to help Adam change the world. Meanwhile, she’s doing her best to learn how to be human – with a little help from the food channel on TV! Adam needs help. Professional help. His psychiatrist girlfriend, Marla, and her colleague might be just the answer – if he can survive the chaos until they arrive! An uplifting comedy, Adam’s Eve will touch both your heart and your funny bone.

Rio Rancho Players Community Theatre

Since 2013, Rio Rancho Creative Crossroads (RRCC) has been bringing the arts “up the hill” to Rio Rancho. Our programs include Rio Rancho Players Community Theatre(all ages), Children’s Chorus of Rio Rancho(2nd-5th grades), Rio Rancho Youth Chorus(6th-12th grades), and our new program, Rio Rancho Art on the Mesa which begins with Mini Monets, a visual arts program for toddlers.  Previous seasons have seen sold out concert and theatrical productions as well as arts education opportunities & experiences for children and adults in our community. Each year our programs touch more and more families and individuals in Rio Rancho.