Brilliant Traces CAST

Caitlin Carleton (Rosannah DeLuce)
Caitlin Carleton is an actor, producer, and comedian. Amongst all her experience, her favorite theater projects are Ginger in “Rosemary with Ginger” directed by award winner Stan Harrington, Ellen in “Eastern Standard” directed by Oscar Winner Milton Justice, and Helena in “A Midsummer Night's Dream” with the Speakeasy Theater Company. She has her own production company "Red Sage Productions”. Most recently she wrote, directed, and starred in a short film “Blackout”. She helped co-produce and star in a comedic pilot called “Corporately Challenged” which will be off to the festival circuit soon. She just finished season 2 of a comedic web series she created, wrote, and directed called “This WebSeries”. You can find it on Youtube. Brilliant Traces is the first play Caitlin has produced and she is beyond grateful to finally see it come to life.
Chris Cardano (Henry Harry)
Chris Cardano was born in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, on a slow, sweltering August morning. He grew up living an itinerant childhood. Though he didn’t begin his “acting life” until he was 27, moving to Los Angeles with two suitcases and $2,200 he has since appeared in over a dozen films, commercials and TV shows. Among his favorite plays he has performed are, Long Days Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill and The Big Knife by Clifford Odets. Chris would like to give a special thank you to his coach, mentor, and friend, Larry Moss. Also, he would like to thank Catie LeOrisa, Kevin Quinn, John Cirigliano, Tony Savant, Anthony Gilardi, and all the writers out there who pour their heart and soul onto the page for actors to bring to life. Chris is honored to bring this beautiful play by Cindy Lou Johnson to life.