About Harvey

Harvey is a show centered around friendship in the most unusual ways. Our play follows Elwood, a man with quite the magnetism and charm, but there's one catch: his best friend is an invisible six-foot-tall rabbit. Watch as our whacky cast of characters find out the truth about this mischievous bunny.

Dating all the way back to Ponderosa's first few years, Harvey was a sight to be seen. For years, theatre students have been living in the presence of this zany ghost, and he has sparked the inspiration for events such as Harvey Stories and our end-of-the-year awards banquet, the Harvey Awards. During intermission, you may see Harvey's seat located all the way in the back of the theater. This is where he sits when he's not performing! It may look empty, but please know the rabbit is occupying the seat. We hope this show can function as a gateway or a return to our community and what we are truly all about. Harvey welcomes you into his home as we tell his infamous origin story.