Into the Woods Jr Cast

Emma Taylor (Baker's Wife)
Tyler Boyce (The Baker)
Riley Gagnon (Narrator)
Julia Metzgier (Cinderella)
Ellie Beck (Little Red Ridinghood)
Brady Allen (Jack)
Megan March (Jack's Mother)
Hailey Carnright (Cinderella's Mother)
Alexa Pope (Cinderella's Stepmother)
Julia Ossont (Witch)
Alex Beck (Cinderella's Prince)
Izzy Horan (Rapunzel's Prince)
Ariel Pope (Mysterious Man)
Emily Pope (Rapunzel)
Leia Christian (Big Bad Wolf)
Brielle Schrader (Granny)
Dharma Martin (Florinda, the stepsister)
Serenity Houghton/Brielle Schrader (Lucinda, the stepsister)
Robby Wilson (The Steward)
Brayden Leone (Cinderella's Father)
Isabelle Falchi (Milky White)
Marisa Mashtare (The "Other" Cow)