Grease Creative

Original Creative Team

Director (PVHS): Selyn Barrette Harwin

Co-Director (ERHS): Elesa Carlson

Student Director: Abigail Fruge’

Choreographers: Suzy Miller, Selyn Harwin, Odessa Laurie

Musical Director: Mark Robertshaw

Technical Advisor: Jesus Diaz

Costumer: Mary Barrette

Set Construction: Scott Wonnell and PVHS Wood Tech Class

Set Design: Elesa Carlson and PVHS Tech Theater 1 and 2

Sound Engineer: Doug Tomooka

ASL Interpreters: Logan Pearson and Crystal Snow 

Stage Manager: Faye Quintero

Assistant Stage Manager: Ace Ramos

Soundboard Operators: Elizabeth Sandoval and Madai Gonzales

Lightboard Operators: Kayla Navarro

Prop Master/ Costume: Isabella Ruiz and Keith Ramirez

Spotlight Operators: Karina Burgos and Tiffany Luna

Stage Crew: Ramon Mandviano (Lead), Stefany Cortez, and Miguel Nova