About The WannaBeatles

When it comes to recreating the fun and excitement of the most popular band in music history, The WannaBeatles more than live up to their name.

As befits their Grammy finalist status, they are the only tribute act to have written songs for fellow nominees Paul McCartney and Betty White. The videos for “We Wanna Meet Paul” and “Oh Betty! (The Betty White Song) have brought smiles to fans and concert goers alike.

The career of The WannaBeatles parallels that of their mentors. Like The Beatles, whose career began at an underground Liverpool venue called The Cavern Club, The WannaBeatles got their start playing at a Mexican restaurant in Nashville where “Beatles and Fajitas” were the chosen fare. It was love at first note!

The WannaBeatles like to say that they go “where no Beatles band has gone before.” Their travels have taken them from Perdido Beach to New York City where they appeared on national television and their recording, “Fab Fan Memories – The Beatles Bond” was nominated for a Grammy as Best Spoken Word Album.

Whatever it takes, The WannaBeatles contenders use their multi-instrumental skills to re-create all eras of the Beatles song catalogue as well as inventive mashups of songs. Says Dennis Scott, the group’s founder, “We literally tie ourselves into pretzels to reproduce songs that The Beatles themselves never performed live.” Their current show also features segments that features medleys of songs by other groups of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

And maybe that’s what makes The WannaBeatles special. It’s a team effort that lovingly allows the audience to share in their journey to go "where no Beatles band has gone before."