About Zikr Dance Ensemble

"Continuing his vivid choreographic illuminations of ancient spiritual wisdom, David Taylor, Zikr Dance Ensemble's artistic director, presented the world premiere of his newest creation, which lifts the veil from our various ideological illusions to reveal the unity and connectivity of all things.  Much of Taylor's work comes to him from outside sources in visions which, in this case, were inspired and structured around the four ages of human evolution as conceived in Hindu cosmology, spread over 11 scenes. The striking multiple images of Hathor, one of the supreme Egyptian goddesses, crowned with orange sun disks and horns, leads her devotees, the ensemble, toward a portal in which the veil of "separation consciousness"  is lifted, with humanity achieving "unity consciousness." Against a backdrop of the cosmos, and vocals drawn from Christian, Arabic, Buddhist, and Hindu chanting, we move through the ages, cosmic-scale lapses of time, experiencing an array of conflicts (underscored by the powerful animations accompanying the dance) rooted in separation engendered by spiritual ignorance. Taylor brings these metaphysical forces down to earth in an enrapturing choreographic tale of a young girl who was abused, and finds no satisfaction in her relationships, two with males and one with another female. Higher beings/spirit guides/guardian angels are trying to help her release the pain. In describing this story, Taylor points out that despite the painful personal and collective pain we experience, which enforce a dualistic view of life, these higher forces are always at work, providing lessons, if we're willing to hear them.
…..(through the rest of the program)…Taylor continues his exploration of the kinetic, aesthetic, and spiritual nexuses created via symbology in well-chosen samples of his work: Time’s Up, Parallel and Elevated, Runes and Oracle, along with two of the Gurdjieff Sacred Movements, Walking Prayer and Note Values. Spanning from 1999 to the present, these works provide visceral and thoughtful stepping stones to Lifting The Veil."

Bob Bows, Colorado Drama, April 22, 2021

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