Doctor Voynich and Her Children Creative

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Tyler Everett Adams
[he/they] PhD in Interdisciplinary Arts, 2nd Year, Performance Studies/Directing. Tantrum Theater: Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (Assistant Director), Spring Awakening (Dramaturg), This is Not What I Expected When I Imagined a Republic (Assistant Director). Ohio University: The Book of Ruth (Director), The Brutal Fucking Death…(Dramaturg). OU Staged Readings: The Model Congressman (Director). Other: Gi60 International Play Festival (Director) Studio 316; Night Vision (Director), Tethered (Devisor/Director), Brooklyn College; The God of Hell (Director), Montgomery College. Tyler has also acted in New York City as well as various regional theaters, and received his BFA in Acting from CUNY-Brooklyn College.
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Scenic Designer
Lydia Ball
BFA, Production Design & Technology, 3rd Year. Lydia has worked on over 18 productions since starting college.
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Costume Designer
Aurora Azbill
BFA, Costume Design/Technology, 4th Year. Ohio University: Zoo Story (Designer), Everybody (Firsthand). Other: Otterbein Summer Theatre ‘22 Season (Costume Construction Apprentice/Wardrobe Crew), Medicaid Care Experience Simulation (MCarES): Ana Luisa and Mr. Chen. (Wardrobe/Costume Coordination), Puffs! (Costume Designer), Fire Exit (Costume Designer), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Wardrobe), Antigone (Costume Designer), Treasure Island (Assist. Costume Designer).
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Lighting Designer
Kharla Landrau
MFA, Lighting Design and Technology, 2nd Year. Ohio University Lighting Designer: Dr. Voynich and her Children, Motherfucker with the Hat, Concord Floral, Absentia, Masquerade. Everybody (Assistant Lighting Designer), Julius Caesar (Lead Electrician), Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2022 (Lighting Design – Lighting Apprentice). Hamilton: An American Musical: and Peggy Tour (Lighting Intern). They have a BFA in Drama from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus.
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Sound Designer
Daniela Chaparro
MFA, Sound Design, 3rd Year. Ohio University: Everybody (Co-Sound Designer). Cleveland Public Theater: Chicharrón: A Communion with the Triple A’s (Sound Designer). UC Berkeley: Spring 2023 Daughters of Leda (Sound Designer). CATCO: Spring 2023 …but you could’ve held my hand (Sound Designer) They have a double BA from UC San Diego.
Stage Manager
Socks Stewart
BFA, Stage Management, 5th Year. Stage Manager: Summer and Smoke (Ohio University), Alice in Slasherland (Independent Student Production), The Mousetrap, Dog Sees God (Lost Flamingos Company). Assistant Stage Manager: The Motherfucker with the Hat, The Martha Mitchell Effect, The Women of Lockerbie, En Las Sombras, Pluto (Ohio University). Production Manager: 28th Annual Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival (Ohio University)
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Molly Tucker
Honors Tutorial College BFA, Musical Theater, 4th Year. Ohio University: Julius Caesar (Trebonius), The Brutal F***ing Death of the Drunkard, the Immigrant, the Durable, the Juggernaut; "Iron" Mike Malloy (Ragabiscuit), The Revolutionists (director), Other: Spring Awakening (ensemble, u/s Thea) Tantrum Theater.
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Technical Director
Nicole Hankins
MFA, Technical Direction, 2nd Year. Ohio University: Absentia, Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (Technical Director) Men on Boats, Summer & Smoke, Everybody (Carpenter) Other: Earlham College, The Book of Will (Scenic Designer and Shop Foreman), Dance Alloy 2019 (Lighting Designer), The Poe Project (Scenic Designer), Company (Asst. Scenic Designer), The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway (Lighting Designer and Properties Master), Moon Over Buffalo (Asst. Scenic Designer), Macbeth (Asst. Lighting Designer), Women Playing Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, The Last Stop, She Kills Monsters (Shop Supervisor)
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Props Master
Will Bierley
BFA, Prop Technology, 4th Year. Ohio University: Absentia (Assistant Props Master). Other: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Props Master) Sinclair Community College, Slut: The Play (Props Master) Sinclair Community College, Treasure Island (Assistant Props Master) Sinclair Community College.

Original Creative Team

Production Staff

Production Manager: Roberto Di Donato

Charge Scenic Artist: Carly Huff

Intimacy Choreographer: Rebecca VerNooy

Costume Shop Manager: Sofia Perez

Electrics Shop Manager: Madeleine Hebert

Lead Carpenter: Nick Wilson

Lead Electrician: Quentin Kurtz

Assistant Lighting Designer: Gabriel J. Hrin

Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Bodhi

Assistant Props Master: Alex Pio

Production Assistant: Kat Puig

Light Board Programmer: Tobby Tao


Scene Shop Supervisor: Jaxon Meadows

Carpenters: Colette Alfonso, Lydia Ball, Chris Burns, Sydney Campbell, Scarlett Fried, Alex Mackeown, Luke May, Simon Mcfawn, Charley Peck, Amy Pilgrim, Lizzy Shaw, Luis Silva, Nick Sklenar, Aiden Timko, Bob Walters, Elliot Wortley


Paint Shop Supervisor: Hannah Carey

Paint Crew: Hannah Carey, Katie Carpenter, Logan Clark, Megan Collina, Kay Collins, Abby Covalin, Caroline Donato, Nicole Downing, Georgia Fried, Julia Gantzer, Reed Hickerson, Adriana Holst, Kekoa Huihui-Andrew, Princess Ibeh, Aidan Kelly, Melissa Levine, Callie Lippencott, Aisha Mahon, Tasha Matthews, Rachel Montemayor, Zach Snow, Carla Spearman, Nick Swope


Prop Shop Manager: Duckery Bracey

Prop Artisans: Sarah Bear Alvarez, Iz Bawn, Chloe Borton, Duckery Bracey, Grace Easterday, Sam Erwin, Nick Foster, Lily Franks, Connor Gothard, Brandon Lipsky, Elisabeth O'Neill, Madison Russell, Eliza Russo, Kaycee Scott, Erin Stone, Bob Walters, Ry Zornak 


Drapers: Liz Haas, Sam Heilhecker

Stitchers: Emma Adkins, Aurora Azbill, Sarah Biernacki, Grace Breslow, Blair Forrester, Abby Golden, Madeline Hammons, Freddie Masselli, Shelby Merchant, Jack Murphy, Addy Plessinger, Anna Richcreek, Kaya Roll, Kaitlyn Smart


Crafts Head: Micah Patton

Craft Artisans:  Destery Gunther, Akira Jackson, Micah Patton


Wardrobe Crew: Hannah Black, Grace Brady, Christian English, Annaka Guerrero


Light Board Operator: Maggie Wisda

Lighting Crew: Britney Cox, Ella Decker, Katie Edwards, Holden Evans, Beatrice Feldbush, Julia Germer, Lee Gilbert, Teigue Hardestry, Charlie Herrmann, Madison Keally, Quentin Kurtz, Katie Mangan, Alexandra Marusich, Sergio Morales-Blazquez, Joey Negrete, Timothy Oh, Jackson Owens, Anna Proctor, Chloe Robinson, Grayce Roderick, Alejandro Ridolfi, Anna Scott, Jacob Simmons, Andy Veladota, James Walkowski, Lucy Walter, Lillie Wright, Isabella Zallo


Sound Board Operator: Yuki Laffin

Sound Crew: Erin Abney, Simon Marland, Sid McCarty, Tommy Page, Nathan Phillips, Oliver Runyon, Isabella Scanlan, Derek Smith


Crew: Elizabeth Amstutz, Robin Clement, Ben Griffithe, Julia Kuzmich, Grace Larger, Katie Maccabee, Miriam Snaveley, Vivian Waye, Zoe Zoller


Run Crew: Billy Elias, Cameron Hess, Braven Jones, Lee Peters, Victoria Skok


Graphic Designer: Molly Donahue


Director, School of Theater: Merri Biechler

Assistant Directors, School of Theater: Dan Denhart, David Haugen

School of Theater Faculty and Staff

Arts for Ohio

Molly Donahue

Sam Nelson

Shelley Delaney

Caitlyn Lopez

Devan Ty Franklin