Clue on Stage Cast

Lisette Shiffer (Yvette, the maid)
Lisette has been involved in theater for over 20 years. She got the acting bug in high school at the age of 15 and has loved it ever since. She loved acting and theater so much that she decided to get her BA in Theatre arts from Suny Fredonia and got a Post Graduate Diploma from The Central School of Speech and Drama with a concentration in Performance. The school is located in London England. However, you could say she got started in theater since she was a child because she used to read her books out loud and act them out around the house. Some of her favorite roles are Titania in Midsummers night’s dream, Ado Annie in Oklahoma, Vikki in Noises Off Rosemary in Picnic. She was in Once upon a Mattress with NTCI. Her favorite thing is all the wonderful people she met in every show that she is in and the friendships made during the shows as well as the fact that she can step away from real life for a few hours and become a completely different person. Lisette loves musicals and singing at the top of her lungs to musicals especially in her car. She also works at a coffee shop and just LOVES Coffee. She also pet sits and teaches a public speaking class at Morrisville State College. A fun fact about Lisette is that she LOVES ANIMALS, all kinds of animals. Lisette has also been a vegan for 17 years. She has also lived many different places around the world. Oh, and Oreos are her favorite snack, she is always happy when she has Oreos. She has 2 cats that she absolutely loves named Sherlock and Watson.
Craig Natoli (Wadsworth, the Butler)
Craig has been involved in theater for fifteen years. Some of his favorite roles are Clov from Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame”, Elwood P. Dowd from Mary Chase’s “Harvey”, the Juror from a gender-neutral adaptation of “12 Angry Men”, and William Barfee from the musical “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. Craig has stage managed for “Dearly Beloved” before playing a small role in the second and third parts of that trilogy, then played the titular tenor in “Lend Me a Tenor” (or arguably one of the two). His favorite thing about doing theater is dissecting the various causes and effects within the scene and the overall story, breaking down a character’s beats until every choice and every moment flows into the next. In other words, the part where he gets to overthink. Craig graduated from Elmira College with B.A.s in Theatre and English Literature; and mainly works nights at the Stewart’s Shop in Sherburne; he stream games on rare occasions when he's feeling confident, with which he's noticed being part of this show is already helping. A fun fact about Craig is that in high school some friends invited him into a small theatre troupe, and over the years they did several live skits and film projects. One that was written and partially cast but never made was a Whodunit, heavily inspired by Clue, called “Mortally Dead."
Joy Opara (Cook)
Joy has loved theater all her life. In 2020, she decided to go back to school for her Masters in Theater. Joy is looking forward to doing more within the theater in the future. Joy was in Boeing Boeing with NTCI in March 2022. Joy loves that theater is about experience and thinks it’s a wonderful opportunity to bring stories to life! Joy loves painting and drawing, and works as a graphic designer. A fun fact about Joy is that she was born on Leap Day!
Terry Colf (Colonel Mustard)
Terry has been involved in theater for 10 years and way back in high school. Some of his favorite roles are Man in chair (Drowsy Chaperone), Clarence (Wonderful Life) He has been in White Christmas, Mousetrap, Rehearsal for Murder, All Shook Up, Drowsy Chaperone, Something Rotten, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Singing in the Rain, Elf the Musical, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34 th Street. His favorite thing about doing theater is meeting people, spreading joy, and being part of theater family. He especially loves Community Theater and encouraging community to join. Terry is semi-retired from County Clerk’s office. He has raised family in Norwich (has been here for over 40 years), and enjoys reading, jigsaw puzzles, and playing at golf A fun fact about Terry is that any subject or phrase is likely to have him singing a song it reminds him of.
Laurel MacLeod (Mrs. White)
Laurel did theater in high school, playing Peter Pan in Peter Pan the Musical and Laurie from Oklahoma. This is her first show with Norwich Theater Company. Laurel works as a graphic artist for circulars and enjoys reading, writing, drawing and playing Dungeons & Dragons in her spare time. Her family lives in York and she is looking forward to seeing some of them in the audience. Laurel enjoys playing dramatic, eccentric, and comedic characters, and is looking forward to her role as Mrs. White.
Danielle Crozier (Miss Scarlet)
Danielle has been involved in theater for one lovely year. Some of her favorite roles are M’Lynn Eatenton without a doubt, followed by Broadway cabaret vignettes of Eva Peron and Glinda. She has been in Steel Magnolias and Chenango Arts Council Murder Mystery with NTCI. Her favorite thing about doing theater is that she feels she is stepping up to honor all the things she always wanted to do prior to perceived voices saying she couldn’t, even her own. Standing in one’s joys is so important and courageous and being joyfully courageous sounds like a wonderful existence. Danielle is the Ring master of the most hilarious, rag-tag, ridiculously good-looking, circus performers ever known to mankind (ok, her kids, it’s her kids – the circus was a metaphor. Prayer of prayers, writer of writings, muser of musings. Danielle loves to cook and even fold laundry and it’s ok to like those things. She comes from 29 years of restaurant work, the finale of which was a beautiful 10 years in the best place in New Berlin. Post the-year-that-shall-not-be-named she was shifted into the wonderful world of NBT Bank which has allowed growth she didn’t know she needed and time for creative endeavors such as portraying snarky D.C. madams. A writer at heart and in publication, words, words, words… A fun fact about Danielle is that she is pretty great at balancing things on her head and walking, even in surmised contradiction. Danielle also realizes that she speaks and lives in fortune cookie-isms, like, a lot.
Carolyn Chryst (Mrs. Peacock)
Dr. Chryst has been professing in educational psychology at SUNY-Oneonta for 20+ years. Her first career, theater, keeps calling her back! Locally, Carolyn got “back on the boards” with original works by the writer’s of START, followed by a summer with the Templeton Players at the Farmer’s Museum. She has been The Ghost of Christmas Present in Glimmer Globe’s annual production A Christmas Carol 3 seasons as well as The Prince in Romeo and Juliet. Recently for Norwich Theater Company she played Ouiser in Steel Magnolias. Carolyn says, “I guess you can step off your path, but if it is meant to be, it will intersect with your new one! It has been a delight, playing with the cast of Clue as Mrs. Peacock.”
Egan Parmalee (Mr. Green)
This is Egan's first show with NTCI. He isn't sure yet what his favorite thing is about doing theater. He enjoys spending time with family and friends. He works two jobs, so that's always fun. Egan is a big movie guy!
Jason Miller (Mr. Boddy)
Jason Miller is the owner of C.S. Miller Books in rural Norwich, a haven for book lovers and a hub for community literacy. Beyond the bookstore, Jason serves as a Little League International District Administrator, where he supports over 5,500 youths in baseball and softball, emphasizing the importance of community and sportsmanship. Returning to the stage after a significant break, Jason's early experiences with guerrilla street performances in NYC have fueled his passion for the performing arts. His involvement in this play is a testament to his belief in the arts as an essential part of literary culture and his desire to contribute to this creative field. For Jason, this return to theatre is not just about art; it's about the joy and fulfillment found in sharing stories and experiences with others.
Kai Young (Motorist)
Kai has been doing shows in general for 6 years but this is the first year for this theater He thinks all the roles collectively are good it is hard to choose just one! Kai was part of crew for Elf but this is his first role on stage with NTCI. He loves acting and getting to know some of the other actors in the community who also enjoy doing plays and musicals. Kai is currently in high-school and loves art in all forms and singing aswell! A fun fact about Kai is that he draws - a lot! It is his favorite thing other than singing.
Richard Dennis Given (Cop)
In the summer of 2013, after agreeing with his wife that they needed something to do for winter months, they decided to audition for “A Christmas Carol.” Ten years and many plays later, he was picked to play the COP in the Norwich Theater Company’s production of Clue. Enjoy the show!
Julia DeMeo (Singing Telegram Girl)
Julia has been involved in theater since she was in 6th grade, between being on stage, stage managing, choreographing, and assistant directing. Some of her favorite roles are Corie Bratter in “Barefoot in the Park”, Isabel in “Scrooge” and anytime she has been on stage as a dancer. She has been in “Wizard Of Oz”, “Barefoot in the Park”, “Scrooge”, and “Clue” with NTCI. Her favorite thing about doing theater is being able to make friends and a family and also being able to perform on stage and help in any way she can to make a production happen. Her hobbies include being a dance teacher at Perkins School of the Arts, Choreographer and Assistant for Norwich Middle School Musicals, being on stage and helping with anything possible at NTCI, and spending time with her close theater friends. A fun fact about Julia is that Dance is her passion
Arianna Drake (Chief of Police)
Arianna Drake has been doing theater off and on for 6 years. In her Sophomore year of high school she was a Nun in the production of The Sound Of Music and in her Junior year she was the Principal in the production of Footloose. She took a couple years off from theater, then in December of 2022, the stage called to her once again. Arianna played one of the office workers, Chadwick, in the production of Elf the musical for Norwich Theater INC.. In the summer of 2023, she was in the ensemble for The Wizard of Oz. She has volunteered multiple times backstage, helped with props and ushered for NTCI. throughout the years. When she is not on stage or behind the scenes with the theater, she enjoys spending time with her 3 year old niece and the rest of her family. She couldn’t be more ecstatic to be working with such a talented Director as well as the gifted group of actors in one of her all time favorite straight plays, Clue.
Jack Branan (Backup Cop)
Jack has been doing theatre for 28 years. His first role was Little Jake in Annie get your gun and he has never turned back. During that time, he has been on stage, backstage, directed, stage managed and been a technical director. He was also the President/Artistic Director of a community theater in GA for 4 years. He has been in over 30 productions and it is hard to choose a favorite. His top 3 are Will from Oklahoma, Orin (the dentist) from Little shop of horrors and Lenny from Rumors. This is his first production with NTCI. Jack loves being able to take a break from reality and forget about the real world for a few hours out of the day. He also loves getting to play. Characters who are totally different than him. He also loves making people laugh. Jack is the Director of HR for Bassett Healthcare Network. He is married to his wife Annie, and has two daughters June (4yo) and Eliza-Jane (10 mnts). He relocated to Greene, NY two years ago from Washington DC.