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 WHAT DOES MY TICKET PRICE MEAN? We're pleased to be able to offer tiered pricing for before the flood. The purchase of a full-price ticket allows us to pay our hardworking actors and creative team for their work, as well as afford the materials, rehearsal space, and rental fees required to mount this production. If you (like many of us on this team!) are living on an artist’s salary (or lack thereof) and would benefit from a reduced ticket price, we encourage you to take advantage of our $25 Starving Artist tickets. There is also an option to donate to offset our carbon emissions for this production. We would be grateful for anything you are able to give in order to help make our show as sustainable as possible. If you are interested in purchasing a block of tickets to make available for those who might otherwise not have a chance to attend, please reach out at [email protected]. PLEASE NOTE: All audience members will be required to wear masks.