About Circus Spectacular 2023

To celebrate World Circus Day we are launching another opportunity for you to see the Circus Spectacular 2023 on demand!

Be amazed, be awed, be delighted! Join the New England Center for Circus Arts for an evening of incredible, world-class entertainment for the entire family. The Circus Spectacular is a dazzling fundraising event and a unique opportunity to see some of today's most renowned high flying aerialists, acrobats, and jugglers. 

World Circus Day is April 15 and the streaming will be available from April 15 - April 29. Circus Spectacular 2023 was recorded live on March 4, 2023 and offered here for you to watch On Demand from the comfort of your own home.

This year's artists include:

  • Jan Damm (Ringmaster), soon to be the lead character on Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey's newest touring extravaganza!
  • Fleeky Flanco (Handbalancing), unique front-bending balancer extraordinaire!
  • Elly Craig (cyr wheel), with a knock-your-socks of rock'n'roll metal spinning wheel!
  • Katie Schmidt & Victoria Quine (duo trapeze), intertwining magically in feats of power and grace!
  • Serenity Smith Forchion (dance trapeze), NECCA co-founder and award winning artist shares the magic that started it all!
  • Troy Wunderle (clown) brings side tickling laughter inspired by time as Ringling Clown Director and Artistic Director of Circus Smirkus!
  • Eliza Gaston (lyra) returns to NECCA from performances across the country, bendy and fabulously spinny!
  • Elizabeth Wohl (Aerial aria) wows operatically while simultaneously wowing on the aerial silks - not to be missed!
  • Naomi Ullian & Jess Hill (acrobatic duet) debut a fabulously inventive new act with a first-time ever apparatus at NECCA (its a surprise!)
  • And NECCA Youth Troupe opens the show with spectacular Charivari!

Thank you to Our Sponsors

NECCA is built on a foundation of support. We cannot do what we do without the generosity of our sponsors.  Please join us in thanking them.

We believe that the arts, youth empowerment, and mental and physical wellness are critical for our community, and we are deeply grateful to these businesses who strengthen our circles of support by being NECCA sponsors.