About A Night In Elsinore

Something is rotten in Hollywood! The MV Allstars season opens with a collision course collaboration of Shakespeare and the Silver Screen with a rollicking adaptation of that classic Danish tragedy, actually, more like a Danish and Ham tragedy! It's "A Night in Elsinore" by Richard Nathan. This is another first for the Allstars and our terrific theatre department, a Promenade, meaning a specific site location where our show will be staged and our audience will move along with the actors throughout the space. The location is Naylor Hall, in historic Roswell, a gorgeous manor house that will become the staging for our show! Thanks so much for your interest!

Things to know about tonight:

*You'll begin your night in Elsinore, starting at 6:15pm with delicious hors-d'oeuvres and sparkling concoctions. Feel free to dance as you listen to the music of wartime radio favorites of yesteryear.

*This type of site-specific theatre is where the audience will follow the action around the exterior and interior of Naylor Hall, guided by actors and house staff.

*Wear comfy shoes! You can expect to be on your feet for as long as thirty to forty-five minutes in the first half of our show and for an average of thirty during the second half.

MVPS Theatre

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