Fiddler on the Roof Cast

Ella Schnare (The Fiddler)
Ella Schnare is a sophomore and attends part time at MELHS and full time at Wittenberg Academy. Her previous experiences include Percy Jackson: The Musical, Annie, The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe (Mrs. Beaver), and multiple plays such as Julius Caesar, and The-play-that-must-not-be-named. She directs, writes, and choreographs plays her siblings and cousins do when they visit. Some include The Pied Piper of Hamel, and Bluebeard (among so many others.) She has gotten several 1’s in a small ensemble contest for singing, and she has gotten a few 2’s for violin. When she has free time she paints, reads, sketches, and listens to music. She also has a blackbelt in Krav Maga and Kickboxing. Her favorite memories she made in theatre were dancing with Mrs. Brown and lip syncing to all the songs backstage in Percy. She would like to shout out all 8 siblings, Kiana, Alayna, Lucia, Isaiah, Judah, Michaiah, Nora, and new baby Schnare, as well as her mom and dad, and the cast of Percy, the nicest people I have ever met. (and especially. Elliana and Jade.) She is so excited to be in this musical with all of her friends such as Rebekah, Kiana, and Eliza.
Harrison Mueller (Tevye)
Harry Mueller is a junior at Metro East Lutheran High School. His previous acting experiences are Zoomin’ Around the World in 90 Minutes, Pride and Prejudice, All Together Now, Willy Wonka, and Shuddersome: Tales of Poe. He also has made it into the All-state orchestra for playing the cello and recently won best in room at Solo and Small Ensemble for his barbershop quartet with three other cast members. Outside of theatre, he participates in golf, baseball, scholar bowl, in school orchestra, the Alton Symphony orchestra, and robotics. His favorite memories have always been hanging out with friends during rehearsals.
Sofia Schwartzkopf (Tzeitel)
Sofia Schwartzkopf is a sophomore at MELHS and this is her first production at this school. Her past productions include Shrek: The Musical Jr. and Once Upon a Mattress Jr. presented by Liberty Middle School. Sofia has a long history in the fine arts scene. She took tap, ballet, and jazz at the age of 4-5 and started piano lessons at 6. She later took on voice lessons, and has been enrolled for 5 years. Sofia has participated in Solo and Ensemble, ILMEA, multiple federations for voice and piano, as well has performed in all of her studio’s recitals. At federation, Sofia received Superior 3 years in a row, earning her a trophy. Sofia would like to thank her parents for their amazing ongoing support, her voice teacher Jennifer for making her a good singer, and her wonderful boyfriend Christian who is always there for her <3
Rebekah Lindsey (Hodel)
Rebekah is a freshman at Metro East Lutheran High School (MELHS). She has participated in MELHS productions Shuddersome: Tales of Poe, Matilda, and Echoes of the Hammer. She also acted in Julius Caesar and Macbeth. She sings in choir at school and has participated in Solo & Small Ensemble several times. Fiddler on the Roof has been her favorite theater experience so far. She would like to shout out her parents, her friends, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Meador, Mrs. Wudtke, and Ella and Kiana Schnare.
Rhiannon LaZella (Yente)
Rhiannon is a Senior who is homeschooled and attends classes at Metro East Lutheran High School to do extracurriculars with the school, although this year her class through metro is a dual credit business course called Edwardsville CEO that takes students from Mcgivney, EHS, and MELHS. Her previous acting experience with MELHS has been a haunted hayride where she was Rapunzel, Pride and Prejudice where she was Elizabeth Bennet, Willy Wonka where she played Mrs Tevee,& the 48 hour challenge - Shuddersome: Tales of Poe where she played Roasalie Poe. Her outside acting performances include The Secret Garden Musical, The Wizard of Oz, and Various One Acts. Rhiannon has also attended dance camps in her past and sang in her church choir when she was younger. She would like to thank all her friends that came to watch this production and her friends in the production, her entire family and a big thanks especially to her parents for everything they’ve done for her!
Natalia Billings (Chava)
Natalia is a freshman here at Metro. She a\has participated in plays when she was in middle school and was in Shuddersome: Tales of Poe. She did ballet and has been singing since 5th grade. She enjoys babysitting and would like to shout out Shout out to Mrs. Brown, Mr. Meador, Mrs. Wudtke, Drake Trampe, and Mr. and Mrs. Sigstad for all of their help.
Christian Greer (Perchick)
Christian Greer is a sophomore at Metro East Lutheran High School. He is an all-around technical person who mostly works with sound and lights. He has worked and been a part of Matilda, Pride and Prejudice, All together now, and Willy Wonka. He has been acting since the 5th grade and has been working tech for a little over a year now. Last year at the Globes awards he was nominated for best supporting actor and won best techie. Favorite memory from a past show would be falling into the nut shoot in Willy Wonka. He also wants to shout out Girlfriend Sofia for being there for him and his parents and friends for always supporting him. I would like to shout out Mr. Cheddar, my favorite theology teacher.
Gwendolyn Chapman (Fruma-Sarah, Yussel, Extra)
Gwen is a junior at Metro-East Lutheran High School. She has participated in Pride and Prejudice, All Together Now, Willy Wonka, Descendants, Shuddersome Tales of Poe.She does choir here at MELHS, has done 13 Years of Checchetti ballet, and is part of the Dance Team at MELHS. "My favorite memory has to be during Descendants and hugging Libbi at the end of “Break This Down” every single night. It was such a comforting way of saying “We did it!” I would like to shout out my family, Tech Room Talks, The VKs, and The Rich Gang."
Eliza Hurn (Shprintze)
Eliza is a Sophomore at Metro East Lutheran High School. She has acted before in Pride and Prejudice, Willy Wonka and the 48 hour play challenge and now Fiddler on The Roof, all with MELHS theater. She loves singing and has taken many music classes. She also took ballet when she was younger. She has sung for solo and small ensemble in the past and has been given first place ratings in all her performances. She enjoys reading in her free time. Her favorite memory so far from being in MELHS drama club is visiting the Fox Theater with her friends to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She believes that the best part about theater is trying new things and making amazing memories and friends. She would like to give a shout out and a thank you to all of her friends in and out of theater and to her parents. She would like to thank them for everything they have done to help her get to where she is today and for always being there no matter what. Thanks for all the love and support.
Kielee Schrieber (Golde)
Kielee Schreiber, a Junior at Metro East Lutheran High School. Planning to graduate in 2024, Kielee then plans to attend a school of Aerospace engineering. Kielee’s been in some performances: All together now, Homes on the ranch, Willy Wonka. Kielee is playing the part of Golde for this performance, having experience attending multiple theater workshops. Last year at the Globes Kielee was awarded Best Supporting Actress. Kielee is currently working at Trinity Lutheran Daycare, and "loves my job dearly. <3"
Ethan Massa (Fyedka)
Ethan Massa is a junior at Metro East Lutheran High School (MELHS). His previous acting experience includes plays and musicals at the MELHS theater department such as a production of Willy Wonka and the play Pride and Prejudice. He received the best new actor award at MELHS’s annual award ceremony; he has also been inducted into the thespian society. A fun fact about him is that he first learned how to properly clean his face after his first show.
Ben Ettling (Rabbi)
Ben Ettling is a sophomore here at MELHS and is excited to be in our production of Fiddler on the Roof. He has been acting since he was in second grade. He has been in performances such as The Adams Family, Willy Wonka, Beauty and the Beast, Into the Woods, Treble with a Cause, Echos of the Hammer, Seussical Jr., Frozen Jr., Shrek jr., Aladdin jr, Beauty and the Beast (again), Freaky Friday, Pride and Prejudice, School Secrets, Holmes on the Ranch. Ben will work at the daycare at Trinity Lutheran Edwardsville this summer. The cast and crew on Fiddler described Ben as “Boring, Theatre himself, complicated, fun, kind, a thespian enthusiast, British, encouraging, funny, ‘girly-pop,’ special, theatre nerd, and all around a good friend. :) He would also like to say thank you to his wonderful parents who have supported him for his whole life! And to all his friends as well!
Kathren Wright (Grandma Tzeitel, Shaindel)
Kathren Belle Wright (Katie) is a sophomore at Metro East Lutheran High School where she was voted by her peers as sophomore Class Vice President. She is a member of the MELHS Academic Challenge team, Golf team, Track and Field, Student Council, National Honor Society, Art club, Drama club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Knights Shield, and is involved with several aspects of MELHS Theater. She was previously seen in the MELHS production of Pride and Prejudice as the housekeeper, Shuddersome: Tales of Poe, and as Grandma Georgina in the 2021 Spring musical Willy Wonka where she was also a set builder, decorator, and designer. In her free time she accepts commissioned art jobs and has won several awards for her unique designs. She can currently be seen in the cast of Fiddler on the Roof as Grandma Tzeitel, Shaindel, and Villager at MELHS.
Kiana Schnare (Avram)
Kiana Schnare is a freshman and attends part-time at MELHS and goes full-time at Wittenberg Academy. Her past productions include MELHS The Sound of Music, Annie, and Willy Wonka. She has been in many plays during her time in middle school including Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Tom Sawyer. She sings in choir at her church, plays the violin and the piano. Kiana is the second oldest of nine children. Her favorite memories from this musical were messing around off stage with her friends. She thanks God for helping her through school and this musical. She would like to thank her parents for letting her be in The Fiddler on the Roof and for putting up with her being away from home a lot, and her siblings for loving and supporting her.
Ganyn Krausz (Extra Russian and Extra Jew)
Ganyn is a freshman at Metro East Lutheran High School. In the past, he has participated in other plays such as Tom Sawyer, Macbeth, Midsummernight's Dream, and Aesop's Fables. I participate in solo & small ensemble singing competitions and he cantor at his church. He loves singing and would like to shout out his parents for paying for me to come to Metro-East and for be letting him be a part of this program.
Christian Broekemeier (Reb Mordcha)
Christian Broekemeier is a Junior at Metro East Lutheran High School. He will be playing the Innkeeper, Mordca in Fiddler on the Roof. His past experiences include: Zazu in Around the World in 90 Minutes, Mr. Bingley in Pride in Prejudice, Grandpa Joe and set designer in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the Painter and a shutter in Shuddersome Tales of Poe, and will be set designing in Fiddler on the Roof along with his acting. He’s done choir in middle school 3rd-8th grade. He’s also done choir for sophomore and junior year. His favorite moment from a past production was his proposal to Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.
Erin  (Pit orchestra (violin))
Erin is a Senior at Metro-East Lutheran High School (MELHS), playing violin in the pit for MELHS performance of Fiddler on the Roof. During her sophomore year, Erin played various roles in the MELHS virtual production of Zoomin’ Around the World in 90 Minutes and later received the theatre Newcomer Award. Last year, she played the part of Jane Bennet in the MELHS production of Pride and Prejudice, helped in tech in Willy Wonka as the Marketing & Photography Manager, and received the Creative Achievement Award. Erin took part in musicals and music and drama camps at her church during elementary school. She currently works giving violin lessons and as a math tutor, and is doing a worship music internship through her church. She also plays violin in the SIUE Suzuki tour group, is the concertmaster of the SIUE Suzuki Advanced Chamber Ensemble, and plays in the Alton Symphony Orchestra. Erin would like to give a shout-out to her cats, Sarah, Emily, Brooke, her sister Sophie, and her friends in orchestras, school music classes, and in MELHS theatre. She would also like to thank the waffle gang and her friends who have already graduated for being supportive role models, excellent advice-givers, and great friends. Next year, Erin will be going to Wheaton College in Illinois to major in Music Pedagogy and minor in Spanish. She plans on getting a masters degree in music and becoming a Suzuki violin/viola teacher. 'Top-of-the-hill, really!'