About A Jazz Christmas 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us for A Jazz Christmas 2023!


Wilson Gault Somers' holiday music tradition continues with the 2023 presentation of A Jazz Christmas, an early afternoon performance featuring a unique mix of holiday classics combined with wonderful holiday sounds from Mr. Somers' own catalog. New this year is a “Somers Family” appearance. Jenny and Tyler, the next generation of the Somers music legacy with a unique and pleasing blend of contemporary music of faith and family are joining the fun with their Christmas interpretations. And, They will join with Wilson and Joan Walworth Somers for a real family Christmas celebration! It's sure to fill you with the Christmas spirit!

2023 Program - A Jazz Christmas

Part I

1.  The Christmas Song - Torme/Wells, Bill Stumm, Bassist
2.  What Child is This - Traditional arr. Somers
3.  Sweet Baby Jesus – Somers; Charlotte Paulsen, Mezzo, Dave Schiff, Tenor Sax; Stan Slotter, Flute; Jonathan Whitney, Percussion
4.  Pavane for a Dragonfly – Somers
5.  Highlighted Rhythm – Highlighted Rhythm Torme/Wells, Jonathan Whitney, Percussion

Part II – Jenny and Tyler

1.  Christmastime – Jenny and Tyler
2.  One Eyed Cat– Jenny and Tyler
3.  Sound of Silence – Paul Simon
4.  Faint Not – Jenny and Tyler
5.  White Christmas – Irving Berlin

Part III

1.  Christmastime is Here – Guaraldi/Mendelson/Zegree
2.  Christo Redentor – Donald Byrd/Duke Pearson/Somers
3.  Come Home to Bethlehem (based on Sweet Low, Sweet Chariot) – Somers; Leon Spencer, Bass
4.  Everybody has the Blues (after Dr. King’s speech to the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival) – Somers; Leon Spencer, Narrator
4.  Operator - arr. Kirby Shaw; Tara Lake, Soprano
6.  Sentimental Journey – Brown/Homer/Green; Joani Somers, vocalist
7.  Our love is here to stay – Gershwin; Somers’ Family
8.  Love Can Change the World -  Wilson and Joan Somers; Joe Louden, Tara Lake, Soprano

Music With A Mission, Inc.

Music with a Mission (MWAM) exists to support the creative work of acclaimed composer, conductor and performer Wilson Gault Somers while benefitting causes that support those most in need locally, regionally and nationally.

MWAM provides organizational support for Mr. Somers that includes strategic and operational planning; outreach, publicity and public relations; development of public and private sector relations, collaboration and partnerships; fund raising and capacity building.

MWAM is funded through diverse revenue streams including a broad-based fundraising effort, fees from performance and the sale of the many products containing Mr. Somers’ creative works. The vast majority of funds raised and controlled by MWAM is used either to fund the creative composition activities of Mr. Somers or to develop, produce and present public performances by Mr. Somers in which he conducts and performs his own work and that of others. These activities may include the procurement of venues, business and performance supplies, payment to performers (independent contractors) and public relations, audio/video production and distribution, promotional and marketing activities. A small portion of the funds are used to maintain necessary administrative support, licensing, etc. As stated above, a portion of proceeds from performance events are donated to important public causes as determined by the MWAM leadership.

MWAM will assist and support Mr. Somers in a linear, focused, and sustainable process to fund and proliferate his collective creative works and related efforts. This includes the planning, development and presentation of Mr. Somers’ own performances as well as the commissioning, publishing and performance of his works by others.

Our Beneficiary

We are thrilled to welcome back Family Promise of Northern New Castle County as the beneficiary of this year’s “A Jazz Christmas” event. Family Promise of Northern New Castle County is a nonprofit organization focused on providing shelter and case management resources for families with children experiencing homelessness. Family Promise serves families regardless of size, makeup, or composition. Family Promise's services are designed to assist families secure housing, while simultaneously providing families served the tools needed for long-lasting independence. Over the last three years, Family Promise has served 461 families comprised of 1,493 parents and their children. Of families served, Family Promise assisted 82% secure permanent housing in an average of 55 days. Family Promise spends 85 cents of every dollar received on program expenses.  

To ensure every family in Delaware has access to shelter and case management resources, Family Promise is expanding. The agency is planning on constructing a brand-new shelter in New Castle County that will provide shelter for an additional 40-50 families experiencing homelessness each year. Family Promise of Northern New Castle County is truly a blessing to our community and we are blessed that they are joining “A Jazz Christmas 23”!