You Have the Right to Remain Dead Cast

Ajax Conroy/Clete/Man 3 (Brandon Blair)
Brandon is extremely excited to be participating in his first theater performance since the start of lockdowns. He has previously performed in The Importance of Being Earnest and several other MCP productions, and has played a prominent role in set construction in numerous shows. He is currently a junior studying computer science at Wright State University, where he is the president of the school's improv club and vice-president-elect of Student Government.
Arnold Trumbull/Fat Daddy (Phil Catlin)
Phil is delighted to be performing in another murder, mystery, drama, comedy, musical production, and if he’s not the victim, then OF COURSE he’s innocent! Phil has also appeared in both the Monday mystery productions as “The Swedish Gardener” and "The Police Detective", as well as many other productions for MCP. When he’s not on stage for the group, you might find him in the box-office, or running sound effects, building the set, or even, sometimes, at his day job. Phil wants to thank Tessa for casting him, and the crew for all their help and expertise, and is especially grateful the love and support of Laureen!
Trudy Marsh (Dana Davis)
Dana has been a member of MCP for several years and has filled many roles on stage, behind stage, and on committees. A couple of her favorite roles include Shirley from Dr. Evil and the Basket of Kittens, chaos coordinator for Inspecting Carol and any Cherry Street Murder Mystery show. Most recently, she was the stage manager, prop placer, crew chief among other roles for the chaos that is the Gender Bender show...wait a minute...
Lois Jacobsen/Savannah/Woman (Abby Farmer)
After 2 years away, Abby Farmer is thrilled to be back on the stage with MCP in this hilarious whodunit! Her most memorable past roles include Mary Bennet in Miss Bennet: Christmas At Pemberley with Centerstage Players, and Cecily Cardew in The Importance Of Being Earnest with Mason Community Players. Abby would like to thank Tess for this wonderful opportunity. Keep your eyes and ears open ... you don't want to miss any clues!
Doris Trumbull/Sweet Mama (Melissia Gary)
Melissia is ecstatic to get this show on the stage after two years! She’s so happy to use her southern roots in this hilarious murder mystery. Everyone is a suspect, even the sweet tea! You may have seen Melissia as Audrey Hart in Belles, Curious Savage, Three Murders and It’s only Monday, Murders Bad but Monday Can Kill You and a few musicals here and there. Thanks to a wonderful cast and crew for making this journey jubilant. Thanks especially to the love of her life, Perry Gary, for tolerating her absences, and doing everything around the house, just so she can do what she loves. Thanks to Samo and Gids for all the hugs!
Steve Randall/Earl/Man 2 (Anthony Lisa)
Anthony has been doing theater for almost as long as he has been alive. He has been in Mason Community Players the whole time and has grown up with a sort of second family due to the group. Coming back from a year or two with little involvement because of Covid he is excited to participate once again.
Office Bainbridge (Sonya Neff)
Sonya has been performing with MCP since 2000 and has performed with other groups in the Cincinnati and Dayton area. She choreographed Copacabana and Music Man for MCP, directed in the David Ives Festival and has had other behind the scenes positions. Her most enjoyable performances with MCP were as Hope in Anything Goes, Lady Catherine De Bourgh in Pride and Prejudice and Costanza in Enchanted April. She is excited to be in this production of You Have The Right To Remain Dead.
Leigh Dorsett/Hyacinth/Man 1 (Lora Pateras)
Lora “Lolo” Pateras hopes to properly execute her parts in every performance of “You Have The Right To Remain Dead.” She loves working with the MCP community, who are truly family to her, and she suspects they feel the same way. MCP is a living reminder that empathy, love, and connection can solve even the cleverest of conundrums. Finally, it’s no mystery that she gets to do her favorite thing in this show- share the stage with her partner in all things: Mike Pateras.
Harnell Chesterson (Mike Pateras)
Mike is honored and excited to be putting on this hilariously deadly show with this amazing cast and crew, including a director that he's wanted to work with for many years! He's also so happy to be on this incredible new stage with his lovely wife, Lora, his star and inspiration, once more. The past few years have been very difficult, but being home among family and friends make it bearable, and Mason Community Players is just that: a home filled with family and friends.
Blanche La Toure (Erin Marie Schwartz)
Erin Marie Schwartz was recently seen on the Mason stage in All Together Now. A veteran of community theater, favorite roles include Mary Shelly in Dr Evil & the Basket of Kittens, Frankie in Southern Hospitality and Nancy in The Women. Erin Marie thanks her family and friends for their love and support throughout the production.