The Wiz Cast

Tornado, Emerald City Citizen (Alexus Alexander )
Alexus is ecstatic for her first production at MCHS. She enjoys time with her friends and family. She would like to thank them for being so supportive during this time. Please enjoy the show!
Winged Monkey/Kalidah (Isaiah Allison)
Isaiah is very excited to be in his first production with MCHS theatre. Isaiah was once in The Wiz in grade school as crow 3. Isaiah would love to thank his family, friends, and cast and crew for being supportive and would like to thank Ms Hilger for choosing him to be one of the people in this awesome production! Now let’s ease on down the road! Enjoy!
Munchkin, Emerald City Citizen (Maddie Barajas )
Maddie has always had a passion for performance, and she is so excited to be a Munchkin for her first (official) role in a MCHS production! She’s previously had roles such as a hardworking office women named Cathy, the goddess Medea, and a middle schooler going through a big move. This is the biggest show she’s done, including her countless competitive dance competitions. Maddie would like to say a huge thank you to her family for always being willing to help and the cast who made a comfortable and exciting environment to flourish in! She hopes you enjoy the show!
Yellow Brick Road, Tornado (Morgan Beamon )
Morgan is excited to be apart of the Yellow Brick Road and the Tornado! She’s been in other plays and musicals at her past schools and she played one of the teens in MCHS’s summer musical “Footloose” and Hawking Clam in the fall play “Peter and the Starcatcher”. This is her third MCHS production! Morgan would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her dreams and she’s thankful for the relationships she’s built with her cast-mates over the past 2 months! Enjoy the show!
Flying Monkey/Kalidah, Emerald City Citizen (Francesca Bernarte)
Francesca had done 'Peter and The Starcatcher' as a stage tech, she now joining the cast on stage! She wondered what being on stage is like and is excited to perform for her second production here at MCHS. Francesca thanks all her friends and family who came to visit. She personally wanted to tell her family, "Salamat sa lahat kahit na ang aking papel ay maliit po." Thank you for coming!
Uncle Henry, Crow, Mice, Emerald City Citizen, Pit Singer (Alex Bertucci )
Alex is so happy to be in his third musical at Marian Catholic. You might have seen him as the purser in Anything Goes, or as Chuck Cranston in Footloose. Alex wants to thank his family and all those who have encouraged him to continue in theater and music. Enjoy the show!
Tinman (Marcus Bobbitt)
Marcus is so excited to be back on stage as Tinman! This is his fourth production here at MCHS! Previous roles include Lord Aster in Peter and the Starcatcher, Reverend Moore in Footloose: The Musical, and Dr. Dalitsch in These Shining Lives. Marcus hopes he doesn’t give a stiff performance and wants to thank his family and cast members for their constant support. Enjoy the show!
Yellow Brick Road, Tornado (Shelah Boyd )
Shelah is thrilled to be dancing as numerous phenomenons that appear in The Wiz! This is Shelah’s first production with MCHS! Shelah has done many musicals in the past, but this is her biggest one yet! Shelah would like to thank her friends and family for their continuous support and for giving her courage! Enjoy the show!
Tornado, Emerald City Citizen (Mya Bradley)
Mya is excited to be a tornado because she enjoys dancing and the company of her friends. She enjoys the wiz and considers it to be one of her favorite movies. Overall she’s very excited to be here and loves the theater experience.
The Wiz, Yellow Brick Road, Tornado (Candice Brennan)
Candice is so excited to return to the stage as the Wiz in this year’s musical. This will be Candice’s second official production here at MCHS! Previous roles include Molly Aster in Peter and the Star Catcher. Candice would love to thank her family and friends for all of their support in preparation for this show and thank her cast for being such outstanding performers. It has been her pleasure to work with you all. Enjoy the show!!
Yellow Brick Road, Tornado, Poppy, Assistant Choreographer (Jaidyn Bush)
Jaidyn is enthusiastic about the production of The Wiz at MCHS! She previously was in the production of Chicago in 2020 before the pandemic hit, so she’s excited to be back! Jaidyn would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her role and the cast for being true to themselves. Enjoy The Wiz!
Crow, Mouse, Emerald City Citizen (Melvin Davies)
Melvin feels euphoric to be able to feel such BLISS on stage as not only a mouse but a crow as well. One show previous to this production he was casted as “The Players” in “Peter and the Starcatcher last fall and had a shimmering time then and is ready to feel the same for “The Wiz” can’t wait for you to see it!
Yellow Brick Road, Tornado (Cammy Devers)
Back to back performances are a new thing for Cameron, but he is back and better than before as the Yellow Brick Road and the Tornado in the Wiz. This is their second production at MCHS and his first musical! The first show being the legendary Captain Scott in Peter and the Star Catcher. Previous roles included Gretel in The Princess Who had No Name, Tracey in The Girl Who Was Asked to Turn Blue, the Chorus in Simon Vs. The Homosapiens Agenda, and an Ensemble member in canceled show of Chicago. Cammy would like to thank their friends for cheering him on until the very end! Time to Ease on Down into your seat and enjoy the journey to Oz!
Tornado, Emerald City Citizen (Imani Glimer)
Imani is ecstatic to be on stage as the Tornado. This is Imani’s first production here at MCHS! Imani would like to thank her supportive friends and family for being awesome! Follow the yellow brick road and enjoy the show!
Aunt Em, Emerald City Citizen (Khamille Jackson )
Khamille is excited to be back on stage as Aunt Em! This is Khamille’s second production here at Marian. Previous roles include Urleen in Footloose. Khamille would like to thank her parents for pushing her to try new things in addition to the cast for always being supportive. Enjoy the show!
Munchkin, Mouse, Emerald City Citizen (Isaac (Maggie) Keith )
Isaac is proud to perform in his second production at marian in The Wiz! Last year he performed as Ethel McCormack in Footloose and this year he is performing as an ensemble member in roles such as munchkin, mice cop, emerald city citizen, and winkie. In previous years he has been a member of the pit orchestra but has grown to enjoy performing on stage. He hopes you enjoy the show!
Munchkin, Emerald City Citizen (Matthew King)
Matthew is excited to be in his ever major theatrical performance as a munchkin. Matthew would like to thank his friends and family for supporting him through his decision to try out. Have a good day and enjoy the show.
Munchkin, Emerald City Citizen (Hunter Kitterlin)
This is Hunter’s second production at Marian Catholic. They have played Vi in Footloose the Musical previously and loves musical theatre. Hunter is extremely excited to be apart of such a beautiful musical and such a wonderful cast as a Munchkin and singer!
Munchkin, Emerald City Citizen (Lauren Kyte)
Lauren is so excited to be apart of the show as a munchkin. This Lauren’s first production with MCHS! Lauren wants to shout out everyone that came to see her!
Evillene, Tornado, Yellow Brick Road (Mia Lockett)
Mia cannot wait to return to the stage for her final Marian production as Evillene in the Wiz! Throughout her years here, Mia has been in two previous musicals as Temperance the angel in Anything Goes and Rusty in Footloose. Mia has also been in one fall play as Grempkin! Mia wants to thank her wonderful family and friends for this unforgettable journey, Brandi her lovely dance choreographer, Mr Kevin, our vocal director and Ms. Jasmine & Ms. Hilger for their leadership in making this show possible! Mia promises this show will be nothing less than amazing!
Lord High Underling (Miguel Maninang)
Miguel is excited to present his grand finale production at MCHS! Some of Miguel’s previous roles include Ted from “Peter and the Starcatcher,” Uncle Wes in “Footloose,” and a Sailor/Chinese convert in “Anything Goes.” Miguel would like to thank the cast for making musicals so fun, his parents for always bringing him to practice, and Ms. Hilger for introducing him to acting! Enjoy the show!
Flying Monkey, Emerald City Citizen (Seyi Ponmile)
Seyi is excited to be part of this production and is thankful for her family and friends for the never ending supports.
Scarecrow (Chris Reed)
Chris is so honored and excited to be back on stage as the Scarecrow! This is Chris’ 3rd production here at MCHS! Previous roles include Mack in Peter and the Starcatcher and Travis/Bickle in Footloose. Chris would like to thank his family and friends to help him gain more confidence. He also wants to thank them for cheering him on, encouraging him, and supporting him through every step of the way. Authenticity is among one of the biggest things that he has learned throughout this musical and why representation matters. It’s refreshing to see different faces and skin colors enter the spotlight and tell their story. Chris hopes everyone in the audience can acknowledge this. Enjoy the show!
Munchkin, Flying Monkey, Emerald City Citizen (Trinity Rodgers)
Trinity is super excited to return to the stage as an Emerald City citizen. This is Trinity’s third and final production here at MCHS! Previous roles include Townsperson of Bomont in Footloose and Mollusk in Peter and the Starcatcher. Trinity would like to thank her parents and friends for being super supportive and the cast for being incredible. Enjoy the show!
Lion (Delcena Sawyer )
Delcena is excited to be back on stage as Lion. This is her third production here at MCHS! Previous roles included Ensemble in Footloose and Smee in Peter and the Starcatcher! Delcena would like to thank her family for being so supportive and the cast for being amazingly talented because without any of them we wouldn’t be able to put on this amazing musical! Enjoy the show!
Glinda, Emerald City Citizen (Trinity Slaughter )
Trinity is eager to be back on the Marian stage as Glinda the Good Witch! This is her second production at MCHS and she’s excited to be back on stage and tell another story with her cast mates. Trinity would like to thank her friends, family, and cast for making this a fun and enjoyable experience. Have fun easing down the road with us!!
Addaperle, Yellow Brick Road, Tornado (Anjelica Soto )
Anjelica is delighted to welcome you to the Land of Oz in the role of Addaperle, the Good Witch of the North. She previously performed the role of Ariel Moore in Footloose on the Marian Catholic stage. Much love to my family and the entire Wiz cast! Enjoy the show!
Dorothy (Noelle Treadwell )
Noelle is so excited to be preforming in her second Marian musical, The Wiz! Past roles include Wendy Jo in Footloose and Prentiss in Peter and the Star Catcher. Please enjoy Marian’s production of The Wiz!
Flying Monkey, Emerald City Citizen (Kennedy Walton)
Kenney is loving being on the stage as a flying monkey. It’s Kenney’s first time on the stage in one of MCHS’ theater productions. Kenney would like to thank her parents and the supportive cast that have been wonderful to work with!! Enjoy the show!!