The Iliad, The Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less Cast

C1 (Christian Dunlap)
Christian is Sophomore that has been in middle school plays such as Annie and Café Murder. He has also been in a high school play called a Plague Upon Me. He partakes in chamber choir and jazz band. Although he is subpar at pronouncing Greek names, Christian is very excited for this play and he hopes that everyone enjoys it.
C2 (Jaden Bryant)
Jaden Bryant is a Junior at Maranacook high school. He has done theater for as long as he can remember, starting with plays at summer camp. Last year, Jaden performed as 1/2 of the plague doctor in the school play: A Plague Upon Me or How Not To Save A Life. The year before, at Winthrop, Jaden performed in Declaration as many characters and Voices from the High School as many characters. Throughout middle school, Jaden performed in many different plays. Jaden is an actor who plays many characters in this play, one of whom is just himself. You have to guess which one.
C3 ( Emily Hayes)
Emily Hayes is a Senior at Maranacook High School. She has been involved in the theater at Maranacook since 8th grade, starting with Café Murder, and her favorite production so far has been Mamma Mia. Emily is so excited to put on this production with this awesome group of people, and is glad that this show is what she's doing for her senior year.
C4 (Evelyn Dearborn)
Evelyn Dearborn is a Senior at Maranacook. She has attended for many a year, and has participated in the theatre program since Sophomore year. She fancies long walks, the cemetery next door, and prefers the company of the piano to any other. After the sweet release of graduation, she aspires to pursue a writing career. If you see her after the show, please approach with caution. She’s easily frightened by sudden movements, and loud noises.
C5 (Cassidy McCormack)
Cassidy McCormack is a Sophomore this year at MCHS. She has participated in multiple shows in the district including: Annie Jr., A Plague Upon Me or How Not To Save A Life, and I am ME. In her free time, she enjoys music and tennis. She is very excited for you to see the show and hopes you enjoy it! Cassidy has a bad sense of humor and no jokes.
C6 (Hayden Freeman)
Hayden Freeman is a Sophomore at Maranacook and does not want to write this bio because she is blanking on anything relatively funny to say for once. Hayden's pretty psyched to be in 99 mins with her beloved son Paris Jr, who will steal the show, thats a threat. She's been in a handful of shows before like a plague upon me or how not to save a life, Annie Jr, and some others that wont be mentioned. In her free time she likes to read, kick sleeping children, write, terrorize many, music, play tennis, among other socially acceptable activities that she definitely partakes in. Enjoy the show and the chaos, once again, thats a threat :)
C7 (Hannah McAdam)
Hannah is a Sophomore at Maranacook Community High School. She is exited to make this the 17th show that she has participated in! Some other roles she has had are Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz, Duffy in Annie, and Ms. Hannigan in Annie Jr. Thank you for coming and enjoy the show!
C8 (Mila Barnes-Bukher)
Mila Barnes-Bukher is a Sophomore with 34 teeth and a passion for used items. 99 Minutes is her second show here at MCHS. Previous roles include Robinson Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe), the Jester (A Plague Upon Me) and Very Interesting and Cool Person (every day of her life). She likes car rides, dollar stores, and peanut butter sandwiches. She dislikes hyperpop and tuna salad. Most of all she hopes you enjoy the show!
C9 (Josephine Walker)
Josie is a sophomore at Maranacook, and this is her second on-stage production with the theater program. Last year, she was prop master ‘A Plague Upon Me’, but she decided she wanted to be even more involved! She hopes you enjoy the show, and watch out for flying Helens!!