Clue: On Stage Cast

Technical Crew (Ash Fox-Smith)
Ash is a junior and this is his 4th production at Mountain Range. He enjoys building the set and programming and running the light board.
Technical Crew (Ace Trujllo)
Ace is a sophomore at Mountain Range High who likes music and theater. This is his 2nd performance with Manestage Theater Company and he works as tech with sound. He has been doing tech related things since around 5th grade and hopes to continue through his senior year.
Technical Crew (Rachel Garber)
This is Rachel's first show and first year in Theatre. She is exited to be a part of this show even though she isn't acting.
Technical Crew (Amaya Allcock)
Amaya is a Freshman and this is her first play at Mountain Range High School. She loves to help out behind the scenes to make a beautiful show and hopes to continue being a part of tech crew in the future.
Colonel Mustard (Gabe Richardson)
This is Gabe’s fourth show with Mountain Range. He has loved taking on the role of Colonel Mustard, and getting to share an IQ with his character. He’d like to thank his family and friends for being so supportive.
Technical Crew (Sierra O´Callaghan)
This is Sierra's first semester of tech crew. She is a freshman and is looking forward to future performances.
Cop (Lola Hensel)
Lola is a sophomore and this is her third show at Mountain range. She hopes you enjoy the show :)
Yvette (Rei Lei)
Rei is a Senior this year and this is their last show before graduating and their first show with a major acting role. They’re looking forward to attending UCCS next year for nursing.
Technical Crew (Lonna Roberts)
This is Lonna’s second production at Mountain Range. She has been working in the tech department and enjoys the hard work that goes into building the sets. Lonna hopes to be part of the theater program again next year.
Technical Crew (Lucas Medina )
This is Lucas' first theatrical play but in the past he has been the announcer for his elementary school talent show and performed his music for his little sister's trunk or treat.
Ensemble (Rafael Santamaria)
Hola, Rafael is a freshman at MRHS this his 2nd production here and hopes to be in more of MRHS productions in the future.
Ensemble (Myles Markgraf)
Don’t you have any clue who he is?? He’s a freshman who just joined theatre this year and is finishing his second production. He strives to be like Burt Macklin FBI, Jake Peralta, and eggos. He also likes skiing and eggnog. As well as yellow.
Technical Crew (Gracie Harvey)
Gracie is a new techy this year. She has never been in any sort of production, so this is super exciting. She loves makeup and art, and this just felt like the next step up from what she already loves.
Singing Telegram Girl (Ashlynn Hope )
Ashlynn is a Freshman at Mountain Range, this is her first acting role as Singing Telegram Girl. She is very excited to be on stage! She wants to thank her mom for letting her do what she loves! She also wants to thank Ms.Schenck for the amazing opportunity!
Ms. Scarlet (Grace Briggs)
Grace Briggs is a Junior at Mountain Range High School. This is her 3rd production with Manestage Theatre and my first production as a lead! She is grateful as ever to be a part of this cast :)
Technical Crew (Kelsey Johnson)
Kelsey supports everyone! They like to do art and make friends and be a part of tech this year for the production of Clue.
Professor Plum (Tristan Arthur-English)
Tristan Arthur is a Junior at Mountain Range, he is involved with Junior leadership, DECA, the High School of Business, and of course Theatre. He has been in several productions including but not limited to Legally Blonde, Beverly Hillbillies, The Lion King, Shrek, and Little Mermaid. He wants to thank his Mom, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Grammers, and Carmindy for always supporting him!
Technical Crew (Trevor Kennan)
This is Trevor's sixth production with Mountain Range and first time ever being a part of tech. He'd love to get a named role as an actor before graduating next year.
Technical Crew (Braxton Carter)
Braxton is a furry and loves animals. He finds rocks and bugs( especially snakes) interesting. He's a gamer and LEGO builder and is energetic to the brim! Tec is a ball full of Braxton’s as they say! He also has a lot of construction experience and loves school.
Technical Crew (Aidan Karrer)
Currently a sophomore, Aiden is looking to go to Colorado State University, seeking a Computer Science Degree. Director of several animated movies, Aidan takes his talent to the stage for the first time ever and is very glad to be a part of this amazing Production.
Technical Crew (Abbey Jordan)
Abbey is a Freshmen and is participating in their second production. Abbey was also in tech crew for The Addams Family musical. Crows are very good birds :)
Ensemble (Fadilah Passmore)
This will be Fadilah’s 8th and final show here at Mountain Range. Participating in all areas from sound crew to voice actor, the experiences she has had here will be with her forever. She is excited for what the future holds and to move forward into it.
Technical Crew (Harmony Martinez )
This is Harmony's second production here at Mountain Range. It is her first time participating in tech, and she can't wait for everyone to see all of the work directors, actors, and tech have put in to make this show possible. She is very elated to be a part of the Mountain Range Production company, and can't wait for future productions. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Wadsworth (Onyx Dilworth)
This is Onyx’s first production at Mountain Range, they are incredibly excited for this production. They would like to thank all their family, friends, and the rest of the cast and crew for helping them get to where they are. They hope you enjoy the show!
Technical Crew (Laura Poe)
Laura is a sophomore at Mountain Range High School. She is delighted to be given the opportunity to stage manage for this production of Clue. All the actors and technical students have worked so hard to bring this show to you, so enjoy!
Cook (Amber Philman)
Amber is a senior at MRHS, and is delighted to be part of such an exciting show as her fifth production with Manestage Theatre Company.
Mr. Boddy (Jalen Greene)
This is Jalen’s first show ever in theatre. He’s a junior in high school, and he hopes you enjoy the show!
Technical Crew (Kim Hernandez )
Kimberly is a Sophomore still trying to figure things out. She has blue unicorn hair and a charming personality and worked backstage in this production to see what the tech crew does. Although taxing work, she had fun goofing around with friends on her off time.
Technical Crew (Moss Turner )
This is Moss's second performance in theater! They are a sophmore and only started theater this year! They're super excited to continue to work in tech crew with sound, lights, and of course set construction! Theater has been an amazing experince for them and helped them in many ways, such as connecting with people!
Mrs. Peacock (Carmen Salazar)
Carmen is a Freshman and loves to act on stage. This is her second performance at MRHS and her first main role as Mrs. Peacock!! She’d like to thank God as well as her amazing director Ms. Schenck for giving her this opportunity, her parents, and for the amazing cast she gets to work with for being so loving, caring and overall amazing. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Ensemble (Lily Loane)
Lily Loane is a freshman this is her second production at mountain range, she couldn't be more exicted to participate in theatre and to be one of Clue's cops. Enjoy the show! You better or You're under arrest!
The Motorist (Evangeline Hernandez)
Evangeline Hernandez is an active student at MRHS. She enjoys studying, the feeling of a good grade after a test, pretending to be a dead body in public settings, and being a good member of the community. She says you can always count on her to get the job done.