The Ghosts All Around You Cast

Asmae Bouzid (Bob Cratchit/Twisted Oliver/Dickens’ Wife)
Mackenzie Chestnut ( Charles Dickens/Scrooge's Nephew)
Kay Clark (Fuzzybutt)
Cayce Davis (Samuel Langhorn Clementine/Potiphar Stingyas - young adult)
Mary DiMauro (Ghost of Fred Jr)
Charlemagne Fadner (Babba Makepeace)
Jack Fadner (Meson Makepeace)
Kimbirdlee Fadner (Cheryl Makepeace)
Michael Green (Potiphar Stingyas)
Darlene Elizabeth Joiner (Scrooge)
Jessy (Juehui) Li (Asylum Director/Dance Announcer/Nurse)
Penny Orozco (Charity Worker/Asylumette)
Rose Orozco (Yve Makepeace)
Gabriel Portuondo (William Makepeace/Ghost of William)
LJ Russell (Potiphar Stingyas - kid/Charity Worker/Asylumette)
Owen Russelll (Fred Sr.)
Micah Silverman (Fred Jr. - kid/Asylumette)
Brenna Stein (Nelly Bly)
Jonathan Stein (Shysterson)
Katana Stoops (Fred Jr. - young adult & teen)
Taiko Stoops (Porridge Man)
Louise Wang (Charity/Ghost of Charity)
Annabelle Ward (Charity Worker/Potiphar Stingyas - teen/big sister)