About The Monkey King Jr

Written by Jonathan & Kimbirdlee Fadner
Directed by Kimbirdlee Fadner

MSTDA invites you to experience this original musical that was born here on Roosevelt Island! The musical became an instant hit and has gone on to be produced by Queens Theatre, National Asian Artist Project and 23 Elephants. With its heartfelt music and inspiring storyline, The Monkey King follows the adventures of the first-ever female Monkey King as she battles against Heaven and Earth's most treacherous foes to save her beloved tribe and achieve immortality. The show also crosses genres, boasting a mix of classical and rock styles in its musical numbers (by composer/cowriter JONATHAN FADNER) with kung-fu style choreography, stage combat by THEATRICAL COMBAT NYC & SAGA ACTION ARTS and a large cast of legendary characters.

Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance

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