About The Night Alive

“Lonely? I’m not lonely!” Tommy cries out from his dilapidated bedsit, strewn with overflowing trash bags and festering junk. A jack of all trades and master of none, Tommy has lost all hope. Separated from his wife and kids, he's moved back in with his Uncle Maurice and is scraping by with his loyal companion, Doc. Life takes an unexpected turn when Tommy meets a destitute Aimee and attempts to save her from a dark path. As their worlds' collide, both sense a glimmer that life could get better after all. Set in North Dublin, McPherson depicts five lost souls and their search for connection. ‘The Night Alive’ explores what it means to be human through a barrage of blood, tears and battered sausage. 

Maiden Productions

Maiden definition: ‘involving the first attempt or act of its kind’. 

‘The Night Alive’ is Maiden Productions' New York theater debut. A company dedicated to thought-provoking and dynamic independent theater, Maiden is passionate about showcasing international and emerging artists - theater is about bringing people on the voyage. From its conception, they committed to paying all their artists fairly for their work. Comprised of two class-of-2022 Stella Adler Studio graduates, Molly Ehrenberg-Peters & Haydn Harvey originate from the UK but are “Maiden” New York City.