Our Town Cast

Stage Manager (Riley Rheinheimer)
Riley Rheinheimer is a 14-year-old girl who loves all things music and theatre. They play guitar, bass, electric guitar, and sing. This is their 1st year really doing theatre. Riley also loves the outdoors and enjoys camping and fishing. Her favorite thing to do is to write songs on her guitar. She’s very grateful for her role of Stage Manager this year and can’t wait to perform in Our Town.
Emily (Annie Xie)
Annie Xie is a 9th grader at Los Alamos High School. She was born and raised in Los Alamos. In her free time, she enjoys reading and drawing.
George (Henry Tholen)
Henry is very excited to be making his high school performing debut in Olions’s production of Our Town! He has been in theatrical productions quite a bit in the past and finds it incredibly enjoyable. From choirs to comedy to musicals and plays, he can’t keep himself from the stage. Henry is fairly new to this town but hopes to do as much as he can to improve his skills and continue doing what he loves most.
Mrs. Webb (Helene Joris)
Mr. Webb (Elijah Hanks)
Eli is a senior and has worked with Olions since he began high school. Four years ago, he moved to Los Alamos and found a great interest in acting. Since then he has been featured in high school productions such as Hello Dolly!, Twelfth Night, The Orient Express, and [title of show] (yes it is really called [title of show]). With these plays and musicals, he has been fortunate to land exciting roles and to do that again with Our Town playing as Mr. Webb. He is thrilled to show you this performance and is thankful to all those supporting him namely his family, teachers, and fellow actors.
Dr. Gibbs (Marcus Sintay)
Mrs. Gibbs (Lizzie Massa)
Lizzie is a senior at Los Alamos High School. She has been an Olions member since her freshman year. Since last year she has been an Olions board member and now she is the president of the club. Additionally, she has designed the costumes for many of Olions' productions including Our Town. After she graduates she hopes to pursue musical theatre. She is very excited to be playing Mrs. Gibbs. She would also like to thank everyone in the production, including the cast and crew, for making this show such an amazing thing to be a part of!
Rebecca Gibbs (Elise Ovaska)
Elise Ovaska is a junior at Los Alamos High school. She has been in Olions for 4 years now and enjoys performing in every show the club has to offer. Some of her favorite shows she has done have been [Title of Show] and Murder of the Orient express. Elise is excited to be in Our Town and hopes you enjoy it too.
Wally Webb, Baseball Player #1 & Joe/Si Crowell (Zane Kretz)
Zane Kretz is a freshman going to Los Alamos high school. He is a part of the band playing alto saxophone. Zane is also a first-class Boy Scout. He is so honored to be in this production.
Mrs. Soames & Woman in the Dead (Zoe Garcia)
Zoe Garcia is senior this year and has been in shows such as Twelfth Night and Murder On The Orient Express as the head of hair. Zoe looks forward to finishing her senior year strong with amazing performances.
Constable Warren & Farmer Mccarthy (Alma Phillips)
Alma Phillips is a senior in high school and excited to be a part of their first theatre production. They are hoping to finish their senior year with a bang. Alma wants to thank everyone for coming and her friends for supporting her.
Howie Newsome, Baseball Player #2 & Man in the Auditorium (Gabe Clegg)
Joe Stoddard (Scott Scott)
Simone Stimson (Laura Scott)
Laura is a senior at LAHS and excited to be part of Our Town. Along with theater, she is also part of the local roller derby team and Co-Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee club. She has been in many musicals in the past but is excited to be part of her first play and challenge her acting skills. She would like to thank her wonderful mother who has always been encouraging and supported her in all her extracurricular activities.