little women Cast

Mia Johannes (Beth March)
Mia Yohannes, a 7th grader at WMS. She is excited to participate in the play, ‘CHAIRS’ seeing as this is her first ever theater production to participate in. Mia has a lot of interests outside of theater. For example she loves roller skating, a hobby that she has been hanging onto for about 4 years now! She used to participate in a chess club in Oak point Elementary in 5th grade with her 3rd grade teacher. She is extremely passionate about advanced theater production, and is really interested in acting. She is hoping to get big roles in big plays in the future!
Janessa Lane (Jo March)
Janessa Lane is an 8th grader that has been doing theater since 6th. This will be her 1st play and she is super excited to perform for a live audience. In her free time she LOVES to read romance novels and listen to music. She also loves Hamilton the play! Janessa is very outgoing and welcoming to new people, at the same time can be shy and secluded. She might not get along with everyone, but there is always a reason for it. Janessa is mixed race and the middle child in her family. She also seems to get her personality from her mother with a few adjustments to make her, her. Her older brother is very old and grey (31) and her younger sister is a baby (12). She is a proud "Mother" of 2 little girls, not biologically but she believes love is what makes a mother. You can also claim motherhood by getting attacked during a diaper change. Iris is 3 years old and Squishy(Liliana) is 5 months. They are her pride and joy. The clouds and rain during a sunny day. In Janessa's mind rain is beautiful and the sun sucks. If you can't tell yet she loves to do the bare minimum work(25 words). Janessa is an overall well rounded person and is excited to show everyone what shes learned.
This is Briley Cain. She is in 8th grade and has never done a production here at walker but has been doing theater since 5th grade. She is so excited and thrilled to participate and be a part of a production this year. Theater is a big part of her life. She enjoys and has a blast creating and having fun. Besides theater she is also on the cheer squad and in the top choir. Briley is very joyful and is fun to be around and can't wait for this year in theater!
Makenzie Giles is in 8th grade . This is her first year at Walker so she hasn't done any shows with them. she has been in theater since 4th grade! Makenzie is very excited to be with the Walker theater team this year. She really enjoys being in theater and hopes to have a future in it.
Pranathi is a 8th grader at Jerry R Walker Middle school, who is acting on a new play called "Chairs". This isn't the first time she was in a play.For example, "Court House" in Clark Middle School (6th grade), "The Forest", in India (below 1th grade), and so much more. If you put acting/theater aside,she was and is involved in a lot more activities like, music club, orchestra, tennis, basketball (for 2 years), digital art, book writer ( never published a book -_-), artist, and a group leader.She is exited and happy to share her ideas and take place in Walker.
Taliyah Carter (Aunt March)
Taliyah Carter (ensemble) is glad to be making her first, though many other debuts, into walker theater. Shes played in many other plays, but this will be her first year at Walker. She is glad to be part of this exciting adventure, and wishes the best of luck to all of her fellow classmates!
Harper Hill (Amy March)
this is harper hill she's in 7th grade at walker middle school and hasn't done any productions yet but has been an usher at the children of whoverville
James Frasure (Father March)
James is an 8th grader who found his home in the theatre. A writer, comic and creative spirit, James ha won his way into all our hearts
GIO RAMIREZ (Old Mr Lawrence)
Gio is a welcome 'late' addition to the production class. He has been in many other productions, before coming to WMS. Recently he was seen as The Boy in our recent production of Once Upon A Playground
Uriel Mendoza (Laurie )
Uriel is thrilled to be a part of production theatre. Among his many talents, 'Oreo' has worked on the marketing and publicity of our mainstage productions and provided technical support in the Fine Arts program.
JJ Budney (John Brook)
JJ is a multitalented performer and athlete, we are so enriched by his selfless efforts and for his contribution to our program and production