We Are Masks by Lindsay Price Production Creatives

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Assistant Stage Manager
Hi! my name is Mustafa I am a production manager, and crew helper, I joined theater because Mr. P told me to join and I joined because I love helping out, I love to play soccer and I love running miles and would love to make all of our acts the best looking as possible.
Production Stage Manager
Peyton Lites
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Assistant Stage Manager
Jonatan Sosa
Hi my name is Jonatan Sosa, I am 13 years old i am mainly crew, and help around rather than being an actor. I joined theater because Ealeen convinced me and, i like to help around with props and costumes. I like to play soccer and guitar sometimes.
Assistant Stage Manager
Javion Green
Javion is thrilled to be involved in Theatre again this year.

Original Creative Team

We are excited to present We Are Masks by Lindsay Price – a one-act dramedy that challenges performers and audiences alike to examine the masks we all wear every day.

We all wear a mask. Some hide for good reasons. Some for self preservation. Even when you’re ready to take off your mask, it’s a hard thing to do. What will happen when the world sees who you really are?

Four teenagers wear a variety of masks: Imposter Foster. Persona Paloma. Nolan No-Try. Macy Maintains. Each has to make a choice – show the world their true self, or stay behind their mask. Who will reveal themselves? Who will stay in the shadows?

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