Into the Woods Cast

Moriah Carter (Cinderella)
Moriah is a junior and HDP major here at LPU. Some of her favorite productions she has been a part of in the past include “Pippin” (ensemble), “Hairspray” (dance captain), and “Little Women” (Amy March. She is elated to be performing one of her dream roles as Cinderella, and would like to thank all of her cats members, friends, and family for all of their love and support.
Joshua Casis (Jack)
Joshy is thrilled to FINALLY be in a production of Into the Woods and to be playing a DREAM role, Jack! He hopes to make everyone proud in this production. He wants to make a special shoutout to Carissa, Eden, Rachel, Tati, and Jonathan. Enjoy the show! Slay!
Jonathan Maravilla (The Baker)
Jonathan is a senior here at LPU and this is his last show with LPU Arts. He says, “what better way to end my time here at LPU than to be casted as the Baker". You may recognize him from "Little Women” as Mr. Brooke or as Peter from "Peter and the Starcatcher". Outside of the theatre world, Jonathan has also been involved as one of the chapel worship leaders here at Life Pacific & also love to bangs on circular objects (the drums). He is sad to leave LPU but is excited for what the future holds. He wants to give a huge shout out to all his friends, and family that came out to support. Jonathan says, "family I love you dearly and this show is dedicated to you. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy the show". <3
Tatiana Hamilton (The Baker's Wife)
Rachel Harris (The Witch, The Giant)
Rachel is in her last semester at Life Pacific University and is thrilled to be a part of her final production with LPU Arts. Her love for theatre and all things dramatic extends far beyond the stage, into her personality. Rachel has been so blessed by the artistic community at LPU the last four years but is excited to graduate and see what else awaits her. She would like to thank Eden, Megan, Chelsie, Jordan, Moriah, and Jessica for keeping her sane and becoming family. Special thanks to her parents, David and Kim, for their support. Rachel is so appreciative of you, the audience for your support of LPU Arts over the years.
Brianna Stolley (Little Red Riding Hood)
Brianna is a sophomore, and although she was in a small production of "12 Angry Jurors" in high school, this is her first musical or play of this degree. She grew up loving and watching musicals like "Phantom of the Opera" and "Into the Woods", so she’s very excited to fill the role of Little Red and hopes to do it justice. Special shout out to her fiancé, who has supported her through school and encouraged her to do the best she can. Also to her family who have loved her well and supported her when no one else did.
Elizabeth Snow (The Narrator)
Lizzy Snow is a senior in the ministry program. She has played Captain Scott and Mr. Grin in “Peter and the Starcatcher", Aunt March in "Little Women the Musical” and half of the town in "Our Town". She is grateful for all the love and support from her family, friends, church, and castmates. She is ecstatic to play Sondheim’s Narrator tonight, a role she has dreamt of playing for many years.
Caleb Wnorowski (Cinderella's Prince)
Caleb is excited to play the role of Cinderella’s Prince . Caleb is a Junior HDP major whose passions are God, people, and theater. He graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in New York City in 2017. Since then, Caleb has been in commercials, starred in TSC’s "Silent Night: A Christmas Story", played The Machinic in "Middletown", Professor Bhaer in "Little Women", and Black Stache in "Peter and the Starcatcher". In his free time, he likes to play volleyball, fly kites, play board games, and reading. Caleb would like to thank his friends and family.
Alexander Villavicencio (Rapunzel's Prince)
Alexander is a senior in the WAM program at LPU. He is so excited to be in his first ever theatrical production. Outside of acting, he is passionate about worship, playing music, and writing songs with his band Lone Hill Avenue (check them out on Spotify). Alexander is grateful for his friends and family who have supported him during his time at LPU.
Katelyn Crocker (Jack's Mother)
Justin Moore (The Wolf, Mysterious Man)
Megan Clark (Rapunzel, Granny)
Megan Clark is a junior in the Ministry degree program at LPU. She has been in theatre for the last 5 years and has done several shows both as an actor and as a techie. This is the 3rd show she has been involved in for LPU Arts and is so excited to be playing the roles of Rapunzel and Granny.
Savannah Arreola (Cinderella's Stepmother)
Angelique Crees (Florinda, Cinderella's Mother)
Angelique is new to theatre but is filled with joy to be able to join a fantastic, talented group of actors. She is a freshman pursuing her dream to become a traveling photo journalist. Angelique enjoys being the center of attention and has a strong personality that draws people in. She especially enjoys being out in nature, spending time with loved ones, and anything that involves creativity.
Jaz Hughes (Lucinda )
Jaz is a freshman here at LPU and is pursuing Worship, Arts, and Media. Though she plans on serving the kingdom by becoming a worship leader, she loves the theater. Jaz helped last semester’s production of “Peter and the Starcatcher” as their backstage hand and is so excited to be in front of the curtain this time! She is excited you are here and hopes you enjoy the show!
Aaron Hedwall (Steward)
Aaron is a Junior here at LPU. This is his first ever musical and he is looking forward to playing the Steward. He loves to surf, play sports, and worship Jesus. Aaron joined “Into the Woods” because Caleb made a convincing argument. He would like to shout out Raymond Furr for being pretty rad and wants to give a special thanks to his mom. Aaron says "this performance is for you Miranda"!
Monica Bellamy (Milky White)
Monica is thrilled to perform as Milky White in her debut in Into the Woods. She is an undergraduate sophomore majoring in Human Development & Psychology. Previously, she had been involved in the Justice Sunday production “Deja Vu” at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center (LPAC). Written and performed by A.V. Union High School students, she played a nonchalant police officer related to the Watts Riots in 1965. Monica’s involvement has been recognized by the California State Senate, Lancaster City Council, and Los Angeles County in honor of Justice Sunday. She’d like to thank Carissa Hawksworth for her encouragement to join the musical, as well as her family and friends for their love and support.
Andrew Christopher (Cinderella's Father)