The 2021 Spring Fling PERFORMERS

Thomas O'Connor (Bass / Guitar / Vocals)
I'm the drum major of the marching band, and senior member of After Hours. I have been playing bass for 8 years.
Sean Sweeney (Trombone / Tuba / Saxophone)
I’m a senior and one of three drum majors in the band. I’ve been playing an instrument for nine years and my primary instrument is trombone.
Sage Leger (Vocals / Keyboard / Guitar)
Sage Leger is a vocalist, pianist, and guitarist. She has been performing with the LHS Jazz Band for two years. In addition to singing with the Jazz Band, she also enjoys performing with her rock band, Stones n' Rotation. After graduating in June, she will be attending Berklee College of Music for Music Production.
Brian swift (Tenor Saxophone / Vibraphone)
I have been a part of the Leominster High School Marching Band for 6 years and the Leominster High School Jazz Band for 4 years. Band has always been a constant in my life and I’m glad I get to end it with the people I’ve been with for many years.
Charlotte Weldon (Trumpet / Bass / Guitar / French Horn)
I'm a senior and the High-Brass section leader of the Marching band. I also participate in Jazz band, Combo band, and After hours.
Meghan Ogonowski (Trumpet / Mellophone / French Horn)
I am a junior and one of the drum majors of the marching band. Band has been a big part of my life for the past 6 years. I started off on trumpet and now play mellophone and French horn as well.
Malik Colon (Drum Set)
I am a jazz drummer. I have been playing the drums for 6 years, and jazz for 4 years. I plan to major in jazz performance in college.
Eric Mccusker (Concert Tuba)
I'm a Leominster CTEi Senior playing the tuba.
Mandie LeBlanc (Piano / Vocals)
I am a sophomore and this is my first time being apart of After Hours! I play the piano as well as sing, and making music with these people has been a blast! We cover all different types of music and always have a great time playing!
Callie Nelson (Guitar / Vocals)
I am the lead guitarist and a singer in the After Hours Band. I play guitar in both the Jazz and Marching bands at LHS. I have been playing guitar for about nine years, and making music for others is one of my favorite things to do.
Andrew Filieo (Baritone Sax)
I am an lhs/ctei senior in auto technology who plays bass, bari sax, and sings.
Vincent Soubbotin (Alto Saxophone)
I am a senior and I have been a part of marching band since 7th grade
Gil Cohen (Tuba)
My name is Gil. I have been playing tuba for 1 year. This is my first year in Marching Band.
Alex Nelson (Drum Set)
I am a senior at LHS and I have been in band since 5th grade.
Anya Levine (Bass Drum)
I am a Sophomore at the High School. i have been in the marching band and playing bass drum for 2 years and I have played in school bands for 6 years.
Daniela Garcia (Vocals / Flag)
My name is Daniela Garcia, im 17 Im in Colorguard and I sing in the chorus I’ve done band since freshman year and chorus since 6th grade.
Amanda Ortiz (Glockenspiel)
My name is Amanda, I'm in 7th grade at Samoset Middle School and I've playing my instrument for 4 years now. I recently joined the Blue Devils Marching Band.
Emily Youtt (Color Gaurd)
I am a junior and a member of the color guard. For the Spring Fling, I performed a lyrical color guard solo which combines movement and flag work to the song “Not Today”.
Grace Sweeney (Color Guard)
I am a sophomore at LHS, and I started spinning just over a year ago. I absolutely love it! This is also my fourth year in the LHS Marching Band, which has gained me so many wonderful friends and experiences.
Alexander Williams (Trumpet)
I am a Junior at Leominster Highschool. I am part of the Jazz, Marching, and After Hour bands. I have been playing the trumpet for 7 years and enjoy doing so.
George Ralston (Drum Set)
I'm a 17 year old junior. I play drumset in the After Hours rock band. Members of the band are Mandie, Charlotte, Thomas and Callie. Some songs we play are Say it ain't so by Weezer and Holiday by Green day.
Valéria Silva (Keyboard)
I’m a freshman at the High School and I play in the front ensemble. Band has given me motivation to pick my instrument again and I can’t wait to experience more of it along the year.
Danae Neuhaus| (Marimba)
I am a Sophomore at the High School and I am in the front ensemble. Band has been an activity that I never saw myself getting in to and yet it’s one I’ve had some of the best moments. Being able to adventure to new places and putting on an energetic show sparks a pride like no other can.
Evan Zumwalt (Glockenspiel)
I am a Seventh grader at SkyView Middle School and I have been playing the glockenspiel for 3 years. I also play the piano. I enjoy skiing and mountain biking and I look forward to playing with the whole band in person soon.
Christopher Gevrekakis (Alto Saxophone)
My name is Christopher Gevrekakis and I join LHS band this year. I have been playing Saxophone since 5th grade and I really enjoy playing it. I love to play and learn new songs on my Saxophone and play to my family.
Abigail Stone (Color Guard / Flag)
I am a junior at the high school and have been a member of the color guard for three years.
Josh Leon (Flute)
I am a junior at Leominster high school. I have been in the marching Band for 3 years and i have played in school bands in middle and elementary school.
Yantilee Perez (Flute)
Hello! my name is Yantilee Perez how I have started playing flute was in boston children's museum where I was able to try flute and even though it was hard my family encouraged me to continue and that's how band started for me!
Kim Cafarella (Trombone)
I’m a sophomore at Leominster high school and I’ve been playing trombone since 5th grade
Madox Grainger (Glockenspiel)
My name is Madox Grainger and I am a freshman for the Leominster high school.This would be my second year in the Leominster Marching band and my role is in the pit. As part of being in the front ensemble I have had the ability to experiment with other instruments, some of them being the bass drum, the gong, and the chimes. Without the LHS marching band I would not be the person that I am today.
Frederic Cafarella (Guitar / Colorguard)
Hi! I’m a senior at the high school and I’ve been in colorguard for 3 years. I never envisioned myself joining the band in any capacity, but I’ve made so many great friends and have had such a good time that I am glad that I did.
Christine Evans (Snare Drum)
Christine Evans is a 15 year old Sophomore at Leominster High School. She enjoys playing band as its a form of self-expression with a beautiful sound to it.
Keylis Joan Rodrgiuez Hernandez (Vocals)
I do singing, I play guitar, I play sports and I draw.
Jack Julian (Tenor Saxophone)
I play the Tenor Saxophone and I am in eighth grade.
James Julian (Trumpet / Guitar)
I am a junior who plays trumpet and guitar in Jazz band.
Maya Cohen (Flute)
I am a freshman at Leominster High school. I've been playing instruments for 4 years. This is my second year in marching band and I am the woodwind section leader.