About Company Concert Series

Welcome to an unforgettable spectacle of rhythm, grace, energy, and emotion – our Company Concert Series, where four distinct shows explore the diversity and artistry of various dance styles. Each performance promises to captivate audiences with its unique theme, choreography, and storytelling.



Explore this magical excerpt of a classic fairy tale, told through the beauty of ballet.

Sounds of Solitude

What memories arise when you hear a sound from your past?

Find yourself immersed in a tap dance concert creating a soundscape of rhythm and music.

On Demand

An Interactive hip hop experience reliant on audience participation. You choose the order… We bring the moves… For one night only.


A Journey to Self-Acceptance" This mesmerizing performance artfully explores the universal struggle of concealing and revealing our true selves in a world that often demands we wear a mask. From the shadows of doubt to the light of self-acceptance, each piece is a heartfelt invitation to embrace every facet of who we are, in all moments of our lives. This concert isn't just a performance; it's a powerful reminder of the beauty that unfolds when we dare to remove our masks and courageously present our authentic selves to the world.

Leighton Dance Project

Leighton Dance Project (LDP) is a Folsom-based dance studio that promotes love, dedication, and passion through competitive and recreational dance.

LDP is a second home for our dancers and families. We value true connection with our whole dance family, and strive to provide a nurturing environment full of love! You can jump into any style and find joy every single week while learning cool moves and strong technique from our highly educated instructors. We love you for YOU and can’t wait to share in your dance journey.