By David Zarko

Alan, an intellectual property rights attorney slugging it out for a corporate master, brings his 86-year-old mother home from the clinic after she has broken her foot. Greeted by Fran's best friends, Isabel and Ignacio, all agree she will need home care. Isabel, always the mover and the shaker, calls her friend Felicity, a woman of Puerto Rican heritage, as a candidate. Fran and Felicity hit it off, but when it comes out that Felicity's is homeless and has a checkered past, what seemed a simple solution becomes a quandary. Fran, acting on a mother's instinct, tries to connect Alan with Felicity hoping that as they get to know one another he may be able to help Felicity.

LAB Theater Project


LAB Theater Project is a non-profit 501(c)3 production company focused on producing new works in the Tampa Bay Community. Our belief in a "playwright first" focus is resolute and a core value of the company. Along with a focus on developing new works, we also focus on training new theater artists to join our growing community. 

​We only produce works from emerging playwrights and develop, through education, new artists (Actors, Directors, Stage Managers, and Designers) for the continued growth of live theater artistry. 

We currently produce four new plays per year, often utilizing students in aspects of the production; thereby, giving students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned while working side by side with established professionals in the community as well as enriching the collaborative creative process of the playwright.

Our Mandate: 

  • Bring the Playwright's vision to life.
  • Grow as artists.
  • Develop new theater artist: Actors, Directors, Designers, & Stage Managers.
  • Build a core of artists who desire a life-long practice of theatrical artistry.