About KPAC Young Artists Winter Workshop 2022

In “Star Trip,” join our intrepid Space Travelers as they venture to Mars to gather “smart rocks.”  Finally, there's an easy way to learn, even for Lt. Fumble who could probably use some new and improved rocks for brains!  Space travel isn't all that difficult, so why not schedule regular missions to Mars to harvest this fabulous resource?!  It seems the Martians might only be willing to share on a limited basis.  


“The Ransom of Emily Jane” is based on O' Henry's famous short story “The Ransom of Red Chief.”  Little Emily Jane Dorset is a wild child who just happens to be the kid of the richest man in town.  Folks breathe a collective sigh as a quiet, peaceful mood settles over the town.  The town gossips aren't even focused on Emily Jane's disappearance because…..well….it's rather convenient.  Will Ebenezer Dorset pay the ransom to rescue his daughter?  Does the Sheriff even want Emily Jane to return?  Just how much will the kidnappers settle for when Emily Jane's true nature cranks up?  You'll have to join us to find out!

Krider Performing Arts Center

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KPAC offers extensive programming for Youth through KPAC Young Artists as well as occasional productions for performers of all ages in our KPAC Players program.  

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