About Secrets and Lies

KC Melting Pot and Just Off Broadway Theatre are proud to join the 400th Birthday celebration of Molière with a contemporary adaptation of Molière’s Sgnarelle, or The Imaginary Cuckold



When a group of Hollywood producers decide it would be a “great idea” to create a scripted African American reality show based on Molière’s The Imaginary Cuckold, all types of secrets & lies are told including the lie that this would be a good idea. Secrets & Lies is a “play within a play” that chronicles the filming of a TV series called “Secrets & Lies” featuring two African American families grappling with love and deception in the age of social media and reality television. We watch the actors who are hired to play the family members grapple with the farcical script written by a white writing team as they film on a set made to look like a fictional vacation community in the Hamptons. George Latour is an African American businessman who wants the best for his beautiful daughter Céline. When he discovers she has fallen for an Instagram model named Leo who is staying on the vacation compound, his hopes of marrying her off to the son of their “new money” neighbors, Relle and his wife Donatella, are derailed. A misunderstanding ensues that spark neighbors to covet neighbors and Instagram posts alike. When Céline faints on the lawn of Relle’s home one afternoon and must be revived, all hell breaks loose when his wife Donatella finds an Instagram post which she thinks proves that he is secretly in love with Céline. In a world of social media filters, superficial posts, and Kardashian culture everything isn’t quite what it seems.