About Live Event Premiere With Q and A

“This multi-media show explores the anticipation and realization of visiting my father’s village in Lithuania and my coming to terms with the truth about my findings; a little-known fact about the Lithuanian Jewish genocide. Storytelling, live saxophone, and Klezmer music (eastern European Jewish Music) with my band Klezmer Arts Institute Los Angeles (KAILA)”. 

What they are saying about “Pilviskai, My Father's Village”:

 “Your joy, pain, and hope were palpable and the stories vivid. I was stunned to find myself fully weeping more than once. It’s a wonderful story with multiple profound messages: about all that binds us together and all that tears us apart, as families, as communities, as humanity.”

“Your story was so open hearted and complicated and told with such presence.”

“Clearly, your whole heart was in the telling of this story. Your music made it all the more moving.”

After this virtual premiere, there will be a Q and A for the audience to engage with the performer. If you would like to bring Karen to your community to do a live performance, please email her at: [email protected].

A percentage of ticket sales will be donated to the Pilviskai Holocaust memorial. 



Karen Golden

Karen Golden is a storyteller/musician, and award-winning recording artist. She has traveled to China, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Peru and in August 2022, she did her first post-covid tour to Argentina to tell stories in-person.  Since the Covid pandemic, she has performed and taught virtually in over fifteen countries around the world. Her written stories have been published in eight anthology collections and in July, 2022 she was commissioned to write the E-book “Storytelling Tools For Connecting To Any Age, Especially Kids”. 

For over thirty years Karen has “edutained” audiences of all ages with her tales drawn from world folktales, her own life and the lives or well-known and lesser-known characters from history, her rich imagination, and from the natural world. Her stories focus on how we can build a better and more just world for people and all living things. 

In April 2023 Karen was invited to be the joy “expert” on the platform: “The Art And Science Of Joy”. You can join this free platform here to access her recordings, podcast and storytelling content. 

In August 2022 she premiered “Pilviskai; My Father's Village” for the international Holocaust storytelling organization, “Tell The Shoah”. to rave reviews.

Karen is also a musician playing saxophone, hulusi, recorder, accordion, nose flute and a variety of folkloric instruments from around the world and her stories are enhanced with her music. In 2019, she co-founded Klezmer Arts Institute Los Angeles (KAILA) which is now an international organization with over 150 members.

 In addition to performing, Karen finds great joy in helping educators to infuse their lessons with stories. In July 2022, Karen joined the faculty of Rise YL – NewCAJE2022  (Conference On Alternatives In Jewish Education).

Karen is also the Founder/ Director of Creative Learning Place, a homeschool learning center founded in 2009 in Los Angeles and she is passionate about creating a paradigm shift in education.

When she is not making story, musical or educational connections, Karen can be found in her garden tending to her many flowers, plants and turtles.   

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